A positive correlation exists with quantity/ quality of photo and video production to funding on Kickstarter.

In addition to your product's quality, price point, and delivery date, visual assets for photography and video production on your Kickstarter or Indiegogo page are critical to the success of your campaign.

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Photo & Video Assets vs. Kickstarter/Indiegogo Funding

A strong, positive (direct) correlation exists between the quantity, quality, and variety of assets that your crowdfunding campaign invests in producing and the amount of funds raised.

Simply put, in statistics, a positive correlation is a relationship between two variables—assets vs. funds. Both variables then move in tandem: one variable decreases as the other variable decreases, or one variable increases while the other also increases.

  • Poor Quality + Small Quantity → Raise the least funds
  • High Quality + Small Quantity → Raise modest funds
  • Poor Quality + Large Quantity → Raise little funds
  • High Quantity + Large Quantity → Raise the most funds


Good Visual Assets for Crowdfunding Campaigns

It may be obvious that amazing visual assets are critical to a campaign. Over the last 7+ years in creating, launching, and marketing roughly 250 crowdfunding campaigns, we've seen, time and time again, that they either have the wrong or unusable assets.

Below, you’ll find what makes great assets for design, technology, fashion, and other similar categories on Kickstarter or Indiegogo:

  • Kickstarter Teaser Video - Short and to the point with little theatrical b-roll.
  • Product Photography Shots - High resolution from multiple angles.
  • Lifestyle Photography Shots - Multiple relevant usage scenes and scenarios.
  • Prototype Visual Assets - Renders, progression shots, and demo videos.
  • Product Features Assets - Lifestyle and product shots highlighting features.
  • Manufacturing Assets - Working, designing, and prototyping with team.


Invest in A Lot of Quality Photo & Video Assets for Crowdfunding Marketing Campaigns

Great quality assets go a long way, with the ROI (return on your investment) being one of the largest you can possibly receive. By investing in the “right” assets, a skillful design, marketing, and copywriting team can bring your campaign to the next level visually in the following ways:

  • Reduced Word Count - The better your assets, the less write and the longer people stay on your page.
  • Image Use Variety - Allows our marketing team to keep people interested with fresh, consistent content.
  • Close Up Images - Vastly expands a design team's capabilities without sacrificing image quality.
  • Press Coverage - Media and platforms only post quality imagery, which could be the make or break in receiving a feature.
  • Product Feature Clarity - Visuals instead of words easily explain how your product works.
  • Crowdfunding Confidence - Better quality and higher quantity assets increase backer's confidence in your delivery.
  • Product Imagination - Allows people to visualize the product being used with them instead of being told how it's used.

Without good assets, a campaign will go stagnant. With nothing new to show to keep the interest of those borderline backers, return visitors will hold out on backing you.


How Photos & Videos Are Used In Crowdfunding Marketing

Unfortunately, a few great visual assets for a crowdfunding marketing campaign are just the same as thousands of bad assets for a campaign. More often than not, we see more bad assets than good ones. Crowdfunding campaigns are very unique. They require a lot more visually than established product brands or traditional e-commerce campaigns since their products already exist and can be shipped within a week.

Throughout your campaign and beyond, you will need hundreds of images. The more variety, the better. Below, you’ll find out why Agency 2.0 requests a large quantity of high quality assets to be used throughout the life cycle of your crowdfunding marketing campaign:

  • Coming Soon Prelaunch Page - Teaser images that build excitement for your launch without giving too much away.
  • Organic Social Media Posts - Consistent and compelling Facebook posts to keep people informed and interested.
  • Marketing Advertisements - These better be good or it costs more testing a variety of imagery to get to your page.
  • Kickstarter or Indiegogo Page - These images sell. They better be just as good or better than what got them there.
  • Crowdfunding Backer Updates - Indiegogo now requires a lot of updates. Are you prepared with enough content?

When launching a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, it's not as easy as you might expect. Due to delivery confidence, product feature innovation, lack of a product history, and other factors, you must go the extra mile to explain your product. In a short amount of time, you must ensure confidence to grab potential backer's interests and do so across a large variety of mediums before, during, and after funding.

After all, you get to keep and use these assets indefinitely. Why not invest in good ones from the start rather than waste funds and do it all again once your campaign is over?



Kickstarter vs. Indiegogo: Photo & Video Requirements are Different

Some crowdfunding campaigners might not know this, but there are big differences between what can be used visually on Kickstarter versus what can be used on Indiegogo for marketing.

Kickstarter Photorealistic Rendering Policy

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Kickstarter has a strict policy on visual assets:

Below are a few quotes taken directly from their website on the usage of photorealistic renderings and prototypes:

“When it comes to projects that manufacture and distribute hardware, gadgets, and other products, it’s important to make sure backers know what stage of development the project is in.”

  • Do show backers a prototype- Provide backers with a realistic sense of where the project stands — including what’s been accomplished so far, and what work remains to be done.
  • Don't use photorealistic renderings- Technical drawings, CAD models, and sketches are awesome and encouraged, but photorealistic renderings that someone might mistake for a finished product are prohibited.

“If your project will involve manufacturing gadgets or other products, we ask that you show as much as you can about how you're going to do that, including things like a production plan, an estimated schedule, and any other details you can provide for backers.”

“Projects that involve the development of physical products must feature explicit demos of working prototypes. While you can run a project focused on the creation of a prototype, you can't offer the product that is under development as a reward.”

As you can see, Kickstarter is far more strict on their policy for visual asset usage. This means bad assets can be the make or break moment in your decision on which crowdfunding platform you can fundraise on. For more information on Kickstarter’s policy, visit Guidelines for Hardware and Design Projects, Prototypes & Renderings, and Kickstarter Is Not a Store.


Save Money with Agency 2.0's Own Crowdfunding Photography Assets & Video Production

As noted above, many campaigns out of the 250+ we’ve launched have had bad assets, while just a few standout with great assets. By looking at each campaign's fundraising numbers, you’ll clearly see a strong positive correlation between asset's quantity/quality and funds raised on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Agency 2.0 has recently expanded their crowdfunding services to include product photography and video production for Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to help our clients maximize their funding returns by investing in quality, usable assets without paying for things you don't need, won't use or can't use.

Below, you’ll find an overview that explains our new video production and product photography services for Kickstarter and Indiegogo marketing campaigns:

  • Crowdfunding Photo & Video Asset Audit - Over 200+ photos and 20+ videos are needed. Do you have them? Agency 2.0 can help.
  • Crowdfunding Video Production Services - Receive editing, storyboarding, and an HD crowdfunding explainer video of up to 2 minutes.
  • Crowdfunding Product Photography Services - Packages start at 50 high resolution images with a mix of lifestyle and product photography.
  • Crowdfunding All-In-One Complete Asset Package - Everything necessary to crowdfund and market your product built out of our asset audit.

By looking at many of the top most funded crowdfunding campaign's fundraising numbers, you’ll clearly see the strong positive correlation between asset quantity/quality and funds raised on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


Indiegogo & Kickstarter Video Production & Photography Conclusion

If you are serious about your product, you must also be just as serious about your visual assets, because a great picture or video will save you from writing thousands of words.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your current collection of photo/video assets for your upcoming campaign or you would like a quote on Agency 2.0’s crowdfunding video and photography services.

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We will likely beat any quote you receive while producing only what is needed and nothing more.