An early adopter of this soon to be phenomenon.

A History of Kickstarter Marketing Success Since 2010.

It all started with a little "buddy" project called Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story...

Inspired by Jay's story of "perseverance, hard work, and relentless belief," we decided to dream just as big and are proud to introduce the story, mission and beliefs of the first crowdfunding marketing agency in history.

Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story

The true story of a young American's fight for his dream and his impossible journey, one never heard of in professional soccer.

After college, Jay's dream of playing pro soccer in Europe seemed unreachable. Sleeping in an attic, painting houses and eating beans and toast to survive, Jay took the most unlikely route to the top. After not making the professional leagues in the U.S., Jay left for Europe at the age of 21 without any professional experience - only a passport, $1800 and a backpack full of dreams. 

Jay started from the bottom, playing in Sunday park leagues and semi-pro London clubs, and rose to playing in the English Premier League, and starting in the 2010 World Cup.

The #1 Most-Funded Film of All-Time on Kickstarter in 2010.


Agency 2.0's Likelihood of Kickstarter Success Was Much Like Jay's Own Story.

"Smiling... for me it was that moment, that 'I deserve to be here' smile, that 'I've been preparing my whole life for this moment' smile.
Are you ready for when your sunny day comes?" - Jay DeMerit


All Or Nothing Kickstarter


campaign crowdfunding goal.

Average Campaign Funding


amount in 2010 on

Amount Of Time Allotted

1 days

to achieve the impossible dream.



Agency 2.0 was founded upon the principles that Jay DeMerit taught us all in Rise & Shine. Having the opportunity to talk with Jay at length about his story,
this turned out to be our "Sunny Day"...he changed our life forever and we never looked back.

Are you ready for your "Sunny Day"? It appears to nearly be here...

A Team Built on Expertise in Client Relations, Campaign Management, Marketing & Design.

Learn more about the experts and their specialties on each of
our four teams at Agency 2.0.

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Where we've been. Where we're at. Where we're going.

Agency 2.0 at a Glance.

"It's hard to fully realize all that's happened through the years." - Jay DeMerit

Kickstarter, Indiegogo & Agency 2.0's Early Days.

A deep understanding of Kickstarter funding was learned, a marketing strategy was created & a crowdfunding expert was born.

Overview of crowdfunding from 2009 - 2013:

The early days of crowdfunding were different than today. Kickstarter wasn't a household name, marketing budgets were not big and funding rarely raised more than $200,000. More problematic, potential backers didn't understand the crowdfunding concept.

Agency 2.0's success was a direct result of hard work, countless hours of trail and error on strategy, long hours of data collection by hand, self-learning to acquire the needed skills, zero marketing budgets and the pursuit and belief in a dream that was taught by Jay DeMerit in their first campaign.

2009-2013 Crowdfunding's History

  • Sep


    Jay DeMerit Story Planning Began

    An hour long bus ride each way gave time to learn and plan.

    Chris and his neighbor Nick Lewis (our long time attorney) began the initial planing of Rise & Shine. After discussing various funding options, including full financing from an unnamed celebrity, crowdfunding was the choice by Jay DeMerit and we were off. Nick figured out the logistics while Chris planned all the marketing aspects on his hour long bus ride to and from his financial job in downtown San Diego.

  • Jan


    The Steepest Part of the Great Recession

    Mass layoff's in the financial industry and unemployment.

    With the financial industry at the height of it's turmoil, Chris was laid off from his position in a mass downsizing at a major investment company and forced into unemployment. With plenty of newly found time on his hands, the future of the Jay DeMerit Story was no longer just a 'buddy project', but now a must fund project.

  • Jul


    Jay DeMerit Story Kickstarter Success

    The Most-Funded Kickstarter opens opportunity.

    Over the months, Chris developed a new style marketing approach that was not allowed at his previous position. The early foundation of a crowdfunding marketing strategy was born. Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story raised $223,512 of it's $215,000 goal and became the #1 Most-Funded Kickstarter.

  • Sep


    Crowdfunding Strategy Created & Tested

    Reverse engineering of a crowdfunding marketing strategy.

    After the Jay DeMerit Story in the headlines and few introductions, Agency 2.0 was born. With plenty of time and no money, Chris taught himself to develop the Agency 2.0 website, began fielding inquiries for new referrals from other filmmakers to duplicate the marketing strategy for their Kickstarter and Chris started documenting his newly created crowdfunding marketing strategy.

  • May


    Pebble Smartwatch & Shift Towards Technology

    Until now, Kickstarter & Indiegogo was dominated by creatives

    Crowdfunding came to prominence when creatives started seeking funds for their films. This led to Agency 2.0's receipt of many inquiries from filmmakers with a noticeable increase in the amount of tech related projects. Our campaigns were mostly film in the beginning and then switched to tech. Being a technology geek, this was a welcomed transition, were Pebble's success changed Kickstarter and venture capital forever.

  • Jul


    Agency 2.0 & Indiegogo's First $1,000,000+ Campaign

    Financial collapse, no business loans & Pebble's impact.

    The 'perfect storm' for the future of crowdfunding came and Agency 2.0 was the pioneer in this growing space. Over the course of a few months, Agency 2.0 retained numerous tech clients to implement a now refined crowdfunding marketing strategy. Kreyos Smartwatch launched on Indiegogo, and shortly thereafter became the #1 Most-Funded Indiegogo Campaign ever and the only $1,000,000+ campaign on their platform.

  • Sep


    Jonathan & Chris' Increasing Crowdfunding Talks

    After meeting on Rise & Shine, Jonathan and Chris spoke often.

    Chris and Jonathan met in 2010 when working on the Jay DeMerit Story. The two kept in contact, talking and discussing crowdfunding and it's future. Their long talks about the market opportunity and prospects of expanding Agency 2.0's successes became more frequent as new clients poured in and funding results increased rapidly.

Agency 2.0's Relocation, Growth & Success.

With 10+ Most-Funded $1,000,000+ campaigns, our all-in-one, 200+ Step Marketing Process proves successful.

Overview of crowdfunding from 2014 - 2016:

Over the past 4 years, Agency 2.0 proved itself time and time again as a viable approach to launching a product, just as Kickstarter and Indiegogo was about to go through a major growth phase of their own and now becoming a household name.

With the combination of Agency 2.0's increasing average funding results and the overall influx of funds pouring into crowdfunding platforms, Agency 2.0 had everything in place to change (create) an industry forever. 

2014-2017 Crowdfunding Today

  • Jan


    $700,000+ Average Campaign Funding

    Agency 2.0 funded numerous Most-Funded Tech Projects

    With roughly 4 years of crowdfunding experience, Agency 2.0's average campaign funding results hovered around the $700,000 range launching roughly 10 campaigns per year after tech, design and gadget became the staple of crowdfunding.

  • Feb


    Traditional Marketing Agencies Start to Take Notice

    With increased popularity of Kickstarter, other agencies try to join.

    As you'll note the astronomical rise in funding levels on the Fully-Managed Campaign page charts, a lot of traditional marketing agencies began to see crowdfunding as a way to make a quick dollar and piggy back the successes of projects like Pebble Smartwatch, Ouya and Oculus Rift from the previous year.

  • Apr


    Jonathan Chaupin Officially Joins Agency 2.0

    After many talks regarding the future of Agency 2.0 and crowdfunding, Jonathan Chaupin officially joins Agency 2.0 to help expand our services to more than just a one person show and 10 campaigns per year.

  • Nov

    2014 Concept Finally Implemented

    After the blueprint sat in a notebook for 1.5 years

    Agency 2.0 officially launched as a viable option to promote technology gadgets and not be reliant on other websites for pr, press and media features.

  • Apr


    Agency 2.0's All-Time Most-Funded Campaign

    Sondors Electric Bike raises $6,051,571 in 60 days.

    After an initial meeting with the creators, Agency 2.0 took the Sondors eBike Indiegogo campaign on as a spec project, investing their own money to bring an affordable electric bike to market and soon thereafter became Agency 2.0's #1 All-Time Campaign with nearly $7,000,000 raised in total.

  • Mar


    Mass-Hiring & 200+ Step Process Optimized

    With the growth of the team, the process was in place for success.

    Agency 2.0 began perfecting it's approach to crowdfunding marketing by creating a systematic and scale-able approach with teams of experts to implement this process, which was now finally in writing to be duplicated.

  • Dec


    $17,574,709 funded for 40 campaigns.

    Agency 2.0's mass-hiring paid off with 40 Fully-Managed Marketing Campaign launched that raised $17+ million dollars with an average campaign size of $439 thousand dollars.

  • Jun


    Agency 2.0 Hiring & $1,000,000+ Success Continues

    A new specialist, team based approach is in place.

    As time went on, Agency 2.0's new specialist team based approach to our Crowdfunding Marketing Process became more profound, crowdfunding 5 $1,000,000+ campaigns since implementing for a total of 11 most-funded million dollar campaigns.

Agency 2.0's Commitment to Innovation & Backers.

Our clients futures are bright with our new Kickstarter and Indiegogo services for campaigners & backers.

Overview of where we are going 2017-2020:

With Kickstarter reaching $2,000,000,000+ in "successful" funds raised on October 11th, 2016, pledges have rained in it a 3x faster rate than they did with the first billion on March 3rd, 2014. was just the start, in the upcoming months Agency 2.0 has a host of innovative new products that will be launching with the goals of increased ROI for it's clientele by ultimately increasing the backer experience through shorter funding timelines and more. Going forward marks one of the greatest times ever to be an Agency 2.0 client.

2017-2020 Crowdfunding's Future

  • Jan


    Innovation of Crowdfunding

    New tools to disrupt the status quo.

    Welcome to the new area of Agency 2.0, one where the focus shifts not towards strategy creation but towards optimization for both backer and campaign creators. With the plans in place, rollout will begin on projected launch dates below.

  • Jan


    Consumer Electronic Show & More

    Come pay us a visit at the 2017 CES Show in Las Vegas.

    Come meet the team in Las Vegas or any number of upcoming Hardware Events throughout the world as Agency 2.0 is becoming more focused on industry events and speaking/press engagements.

  • Mar

    2017 v3.0 Release

    A major shift in the platforms focus is taking place.

    Our version 3.0 update of and gadgets will be robust, relying less on other platforms with a more standalone option for campaigners. With Coming Soon, we plan to expand our services to help more campaigners with a few game-changers that are currently in the works.

  • Jun


    Agency 2.0's Vetted Partners Announcement

    A major crowdfunding services update for increased client ROI

    With new online infrastructure being developed, Agency 2.0 will announce a significant addition to it's client services platform.

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