Agency 2.0's Executive & Leadership Team

Composed of the leading crowdfunding marketing experts in the industry with a rich history of successes.

Jonathan Chaupin has led Agency 2.0 and its clients into the future of crowdfunding, e-commerce by focusing on the investment and development of innovative crowdfunding tools, continual optimization of our 200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy and new partnerships to expedite manufacturing, shipping, reduce retail cost and more.
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Business Relations, Campaign Management, Marketing & Design...

Meet the team, in order of who you are likely to interact with first as you go through the Agency 2.0 process.

Core Team Members

Jonathan Chaupin
Meaghan Wiechmann
Lead Campaign Strategist
Natalia Arce
Creative Project Manager
Shruti Sahu
Data Analyst

Agency 2.0’s Trusted Service Partners.

Each of Agency 2.0's clients has access to our extensive list of trusted and approved service specialists that offer complimentary Kickstarter & Indiegogo services. We've done the vetting so you don't have to.
Hand-Selected Industry Experts
Agency 2.0 understands where it's expertise lies and only partners with the best.

Whether it's video production, retail and distribution, manufacturing and tooling, public relations, web development or crowdfunding legal, we've aligned ourselves with organizations we're proud to introduce you to.
3 Industry Leading Tech PR Partnerships
2 Trusted Amazon Placement Partnerships
1 Shipping and Fulfillment Partnership
2 Manufacturing & Tooling Partnerships
2 Retail & Distribution Partnerships
1 Reward Fulfillment Partnership
3 Crowdfunding Platform Partnerships
1 Crowdfunding Legal Firm Partnership
1 Website Development Partnership
1 Venture Capital Partnership

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