5 Trends Shaping the Future of Content Marketing

Technology is making it possible to precisely target you most promising audience and know what content they will enjoy.

By Jonathan Chaupin, originally published in Entrepreneur on 11/2/2017.

From creation to distribution, new technology is enabling marketers to forge new paths to engage consumers. And smart brands are looking to better understand how those audiences consume content.

Adopting new techniques will keep marketers and their businesses ahead of the curve. Here are five content-marketing trends the experts agree companies should consider when putting together strategies for the upcoming year.

1. Immersing consumers in virtual reality.

Virtual reality (VR) already is prominent in real estate, entertainment and sports. It only makes sense that businesses would take advantage of this additional channel to incorporate immersive content into marketing strategies. Tech and media companies such as Sony, Facebook and Apple have made recent innovations and investments not only in VR but also in augmented reality (AR). It’s estimated that AR and VR spending will reach $3 billion in 2017.

These figures indicate that the two “realities” will create even more opportunities for marketers to optimize content moving forward. MANDT VR’s partnership with PodcastOne is a good example of how immersive content offerings have transformed a previously untapped market.

“Now, consumers can not only listen to PodcastOne talent including Adam Corolla, Dr. Drew and Shaq, but they also have unprecedented 360-degree access to their favorite stars,” said MANDT VR Founder and CEO Neil Mandt. “Additionally, through PodcastOne’s app analytics, brands and content creators have unparalleled visibility into how users are engaging with ads, which is a huge help when trying to drive conversions and planning marketing strategies.”

2. Using artificial intelligence to curate content.