Introducing Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaign Facebook Promotions on

Agency 2.0 created and invested into Coming Soon Tech & Gadgets to advertise the best upcoming Crowdfunding Campaigns. Promotions for Tech Gadgets Promotions for Tech Gadgets

At Agency 2.0 we focus on results and quality, that’s no different for our new ComingSoon Crowdfunding Promotions.

Agency 2.0’s main business model is Fully-Managed Crowdfunding Campaigns that we build from the ground up, design, copy, prelaunch, etc… that have potential to be the Most-Funded Crowdfunding Campaigns, not one-time promotions via Facebook.

However, we’ve created this model of promotions on to hopefully eliminate most companies looking for a quick buck, taking advantage of campaigners with Crowdfunding Promotion Scams. Typically most companies advertising a quick fix Crowdfunding Promotion are a scam, do not work and/or minimally do not meet the expectations for what is marketed by them.

Crowdfunding Promotions That Don't Work

After hearing numerous stories from clients and potential clients, we decided to try out some of the top Kickstarter Promotions out, give our feedback and transparent results. The end results are what we’d expected…and look a little something like this:

Crowdfunding Agency Reviews

A lot hype, a little bit of money (enough not to care if you lose it) and little to no results in new backer acquisition. We’ll be following up soon in a subsequent blog post called Crowdfunding Promotion Reviews to outline the companies reviewed, our findings and results.

In the meantime, we are certain a few things DO NOT WORK to promote your crowdfunding campaign, please DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON:

  • Cheap Press Releases by Crowdfunding PR Agencies
  • Buying Facebook Fans
  • Crowdfunding Webinars, Books, etc.
  • Promotions on Social Media Pages with fake followers (most are, see buying fans above)
  • Spamming previous campaign backers (your backers are the next they sell)
  • Trust us, there are plenty more…

In short, there is no short term fix, do it the right way… after all, you only have one chance at success. Crowdfunding Campaign Promotions

With that, we’re proud to introduce Crowdfunding Facebook Promotions for Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaigns in the Technology or Design Categories.

ComingSoon-Tech Crowdfunding Promotions

ComingSoon-Tech Crowdfunding Promotions are broken down into a few categories, depending on what fits your unique campaigns needs:

  • Facebook Post on ComingSoon Tech & Gadgets
  • ComingSoon Newsletter Inclusion
  • Homepage Feature on

At Agency 2.0 we focus on results and quality, that’s no different for our new Crowdfunding Promotions.

See What Makes for a Quality Crowdfunding Promotion

We are not afraid to be transparent, see how we've went the extra mile and spent the extra dollar to ensure we are not like those other Crowdfunding Promotions Agencies out there:

Coming Soon: Technology & Gadgets Promotion to 160,000+ Facebook Fans

$500 - Facebook post to a Kickstarter or Indiegogo Live Campaign

Our Facebook Post on ComingSoon have a very high engagement rate, thanks to the investment we've put into building the fan base.

The fans of Coming Soon: Technology & Gadgets are all qualified by income, behaviors and have a strong history of backing Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo Campaigns in the Technology Categories.

Go ahead, scroll through and check out the engagement versus other similar platforms:


Have a look below for an overview of the Facebook Audience Insights

You'll note Agency 2.0's dedication to quality when it comes to the creation of tools to boost and promote your crowdfunding campaigns. Facebook Fan Growth
Super Backer Facebook Fan Page

Crowdfunding Promotion Advice: You'll note there are no major spikes indicating fake followers that have been purchased.

$27,000+ Invested in for Quality Since 2015
Super Backer Directory for Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Promotion Advice: Being the leading crowdfunding marketing agency since 2010, we’ve invested in the future and bet you other promotion agencies will not disclose this…

A Breakdown of’s Fan Base:
Kickstarter and Indiegogo Facebook Fans
  • Savvy Singles – well educated and enjoy upper-middle incomes. Despite solid incomes, their residence in metropolitan areas often requires renting in multiple-family dwellings.
  • Solid Single Parents – affluent single parents. These predominantly white-collar, professional suburbanites enjoy comfortable incomes and are primarily homeowners.
  • Lavish Lifestyles – established couples with teenage kids, minivans and mortgages. Luckily, with a rank of seventh in the country, they have the high incomes to support them.’s Strong Affinity Towards Gadget Enthusiast:
Backer Directory for Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Crowdfunding Promotion Advice: Look up the pages that their fans are most likely to also follow… Are they similar to your demographics? In this case, we have high affinity for gadgets.

Facebook Promotion Types Available
  • Crowdfunding Teaser Video Promotion – Have a good Crowdfunding Teaser Video that’s under 30 seconds? If so, let’s promote the video…there’s a lot of useful things you can do with it.
  • Facebook Link Post to Kickstarter or Indiegogo – Did your campaign just launch or need more traffic to your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign that has a high conversion rate?

If you are considering using another Crowdfunding Promotion or Marketing Service for Facebook, ask these questions and request the following screenshots before you give them any money:

  • How did you acquire your fans?
  • Can I see a Fan Growth Over Time Screenshot?
  • Visit their Fan Page and look at post likes, comments and shares to total fans. – Is it fishy? Does it look about right?
  • Can I see a Page Like Affinity Scores to determine if in-market?
  • Be sure to ask for full page screenshots with their page name. – Facebook allows you to look at any page, not just yours

ComingSoon-Tech Newsletter Promoting Live Indiegogo or Kickstarter Campaigns

$250 – ComingSoon Newsletter Feature to a Live Crowdfunding Campaign

This is an add-on to the basic Facebook Fan Page Features and delivered to roughly 20,000-30,000 subscribers to the Weekly Gadget Newsletter.

Each user is roughly in the same demographic as the above noted Facebook Fan Page and represents the more in-market fans, as they have double opted-in to receive the newsletter via email, in addition to following our Facebook Fan Page.

Website Home Page Feature Promotion for Live Crowdfunding Campaigns

$250 per week – ComingSoon Feature on Homepage

The Domain is at the heart of what Agency 2.0 does and the central point for all prelaunch campaigns. With a feature in the Now Available section, you’ll be certain to catch the interest of those visiting, adding another source/medium to your internal analytics.

ComingSoon-Tech Indiegogo Campaign Boost

Overview of Crowdfunding Promotions

Agency 2.0’s main business is Fully-Managed Crowdfunding Campaigns that have potential to be the Most-Funded Crowdfunding Campaigns, not one-time promotions via Facebook. However, we’ve created this model of promotions to hopefully eliminate most companies looking for a quick buck with Crowdfunding Promotion Scams.


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