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A complete guide to  Agency 2.0 and it's top crowdfunding marketing campaigns.

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Name + Tag Line:

Agency 2.0 - The Premier Crowdfunding Marketing & PR Agency

Short Description:

Founded in 2010, Agency 2.0 was the first company specializing in Kickstarter and Indiegogo marketing campaigns and has crowdfunded the most $1,000,000+ projects of any agency.

Long Description:

Agency 2.0's funding consistency and track record are a result of our proprietary "200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy" that is built on 7+ years of crowdfunding experience and over 250+ Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns launched. 

Since 2010, Agency 2.0 has focused their expertise on "Fully-Managed" Crowdfunding Campaigns that are complete from beginning to end: from setup, prelaunch, website, design, copywriting, PR, advertising, retail & more as part of a holistic process for funding success.

Agency 2.0 stats at a glance:

  • 16 Most-Funded $1,000,000+ Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaigns
  • $56,000,000+ Total Funds Raised on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
    • Largest Campaign Funding: $7,406,364
    • Average Campaign Funding: $439,367
  • $17,595,787 Funded for 54 Fully-Managed Campaigns in 2016 -- Largest: $5,981,131, Average: $351,916
  • $17,574,709 Funded for 40 Fully-Managed Campaigns in 2015 -- Largest: $6,051,571, Average: $439,367
  • First Kickstarter Campaign launched in 2010 with 'Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story'
    • $215,000 goal
    • $223,000+ in funds raised
    • #1 All-Time Most-Funded Film on Kickstarter when average funding was roughly $5,000.
    • Played in 350+ movie theaters world-wide with Amazon, Netflix, iTunes distrubution.
  • The #1 Referrer of Funds on Indiegogo via Unique Tracking URL:
    • 2,769,812 referrals to Indiegogo campaigns
    • 36,325 pledges to projects on Indiegogo
    • $5,157,974 total funding 'referred' to Indiegogo (not all Agency 2.0 clients)
  • Kickstarter Superback - pledged to 300+ projects not associated with Agency 2.0. See Profile > 
  • 3 Crowdfunding Campaigns appeared on the TV show Shark Tank 
  • Agency 2.0 created and invested in as a cost effect promotions and website solutions for their clients.


Crowdfunding Services Offered by Agency 2.0:

Marketing Services for Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaigns:

  • Fully-Managed Crowdfunding Marketing Campaigns - Implements our proprietary 200+ Step Crowdfunding Strategy and is complete from beginning to end: from setup, prelaunch, website, design, copywriting, PR, advertising, retail & more.
  • Campaign Amplification for Live Campaigns - Designed for Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign that are currently live with Agency 2.0 quickly joining the team to amplify a campaign doing well or save the day on those not doing so well by implemenint a slimmed down version of a Fully-Managed Campaign.
  • Prelaunch Landing Pages - Agency 2.0 created, designed and optimized as a means of pre-Kickstarter promotions and email signups to cut cost of traditional development while preparing for your crowdfunding campaign.
  • Preorder Marketplace - Desigend for successful Kickstarter or Indieogo campaigns to graduate from crowdfunding with a pre-order website that is branded to them to increase consumer confidence and on that eliminates the 5-8% InDemand fee, paying only the 3% processing.
  • Post-Crowdfunding E-Commerce Website Development - Development of an online e-commerce store on your own URL that looks great, but more importantly, optimized for conversions on any device. You'll easily be able to manage product inventory, sales reports, tracking orders, getting paid, promoting sales, managing shipping, taxes and more.
  • Crowdfunding Explainer Video Production - Top Video Production experts produce affordable crowdfunding teaser videos at a fraction of the typical cost, allowing you direct funds elsewhere into your marketing plan.


Quotes in the media about Agency 2.0:

  •   Agency 2.0 specializes in crowdfunding and has had a lot of success, Chris Olenik has been part of crowdfunding since the start. — Yahoo! Tech 
  •   Agency 2.0 began crowdfunding in 2010, average funding increased from $168,000 in 2010, to $850,000 in 2015 for 250+ campaigns. — Entrepreneur Magazine 
  •   Agency 2.0 has managed multiple high profile crowdfunding campaigns, delivering an enviable track record of success. - Crowdfund Insider
  •   “Rise and Shine’s” approach could be the dawn of a new way to raise money for and release movies.- New York Post, 2011

Agency 2.0 Crowdfunding Marketing Review

Philip Petracca the Founder & CEO of Fizzics and two-time client explains how he found Agency 2.0 and why he hired us for his second crowdfunding campaign.

Recent Crowdfunding Success Stories
on Kickstarter & Indiegogo.

Sondors Electric Bike: Most affordable eBike EVER!

Ready to change the electric bike marketplace with its 350 watt motor, all terrain tires, and speeds of 20mph.

Funds Raised: $7,404,276 USD

0 Days Left
Tomahawk by Dubuc Motors Electric Car Company

Tomahawk, the world's first, connected, long-range, luxury EV sports car.

Funds Raised: $6,067,846 USD

0 Days Left 1,230 Funders
Micro Drone 3.0: Flight In The Palm Of Your Hand

It’s small, smart and streams HD footage to your phone, that’s just the beginning of Micro Drone 3.0.

Funds Raised: $3,594,608 USD

0 Days Left 32,367 Funders
Omnicharge: Smart & Compact Portable Power Bank

World's smallest power bank with (1) AC/DC Power Outlet and (2) USB Fast-Charging ports for charging or powering nearly any device.

Funds Raised: $3,462,119 USD

0 Days Left 22,860 Funders
Kreyos: The ONLY Smartwatch With Voice & Gesture Control

Mobilize Your Life with the Kreyos Meteor! Works with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8.

Funds Raised: $1,502,533 USD

0 Days Left
Eon Scooter - The Most Affordable Electric Scooter

Redefining the scooter with up to 45% hill climbing torque, 40 mph speeds & range of 40+ miles!

Funds Raised: $1,448,366 USD

0 Days Left 4,531 Funders
RippleBuds: Noise Blocking Earbuds with In-Ear Microphone

Small, powerful audiophile earbuds with an in-ear microphone that excludes ambient noise so your voice is always crystal clear.

Funds Raised: $1,334,842 USD

0 Days Left 3,626 Funders
Fizzics Waytap - Untap the Full Taste of Any Beer

Pour expert draft quality beer by reviving any can or bottle beer to brewery fresh draft.

Funds Raised: $1,319,399 USD

0 Days Left 7,117 Funders
MOAR Folding Frame eBike

Folding frame fat tire ebike with 85 mile range, 1000w motor, 48v battery, full suspension & more.

Funds Raised: $1,271,498 USD

9 Days Left 1,957 Funders
GOkey: Charger. Cable. Locator. Memory. All on your key-ring.

Boost your phone battery, use it as a charging/ syncing cable, store your data, locate your keys and find your phone.

Funds Raised: $1,213,786 USD

0 Days Left 13,959 Funders
popSLATE E-Ink Display iPhone Charging Case

Put the back side of your phone to work with an e-Reader, smartwatch & battery case all in one.

Funds Raised: $1,118,631 USD

0 Days Left
Goliath CNC - An Autonomous Robotic Machine Tool

A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn ideas into tangible items with any materials and any CAD file formats. [LIVE]

Funds Raised: $1,072,544 USD

29 Days Left 716 Funders
Artbrew: World’s Best Craft Beer Home Brewery

The smartest, automated brewing system that creates the highest quality craft beer in as little as one week right in your home!

Funds Raised: $1,072,154 USD

0 Days Left 1,540 Funders
Touchjet Pond: Turn Any Surface Into A Touchscreen

Formerly TouchPico: A tiny handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant 80" touchscreen.

Funds Raised: $1,021,698 USD

0 Days Left
YoCam: The Smartest, Lightest Waterproof Camera.

Intelligently designed to pack a lot of hardware and software into a small body. *Non Fully-Managed Campaign

Funds Raised: $1,051,619 USD

0 Days Left 1,441 Funders
LOVE - World's First Intelligent Turntable

LOVE maintains the intimacy and quality of vinyl records but smart features, while keeping the crackles & pops. (Estimated Funding Amount)

Funds Raised: $1,019,507 USD

0 Days Left 1,384 Funders
Rite Press — The 'No Mess' French Press

Always create amazing, full-flavored pressed coffee and tea at home with effortless zero mess cleanup in under 4 minutes.

Funds Raised: $1,000,143 USD

3 Days Left 20,253 Funders
UrbaNext: Convert Any Bike into an Electric Bike

Simply replace your front bike wheel with the UrbaNext Electric E-Bike Wheel to instantly receive a 30 mile range with a 20mph top speed.

Funds Raised: $941,138 USD

0 Days Left 1,618 Funders
thingCHARGER: Awesome new charger for your things.

thingCHARGER is a simple, elegant new way to charge all your things. Just plug it into any outlet and you'll have a neat charging station — free of ugly wires.

Funds Raised: $940,792 USD

0 Days Left
Bonjour: Smart Alarm Clock with Artificial Intelligence

A revolutionary voice-controlled and A.I. enhanced alarm clock that acts as your personal assistant.

Funds Raised: $915,074 USD

0 Days Left 5,576 Funders
Lumos: A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet

The ultimate bicycle helmet with brake lights and turn signals to help cyclists stay safe and visible on the road.

Funds Raised: $809,551 USD

0 Days Left
NuDock: Apple Watch & iPhone Docking Station

Elegantly designed iPhone & Apple Watch Power Dock with Smart LED Lamp and Portable Battery.

Funds Raised: $783,746 USD

0 Days Left
Passages: A Watch by William Shatner and Egard

Formed as a vision of a timepiece that's more than simply a watch. Each Égard timepiece is a reminder to be thankful for wondrous moments.

Funds Raised: $681,721 USD

0 Days Left
SPECTRA: the Portable & Smart Electric Skateboard

The first and only eBoard with an ever-learning 3D Posture Control system, ABS braking, and interactive app control.

Funds Raised: $652,336 USD

0 Days Left 1,132 Funders
Equil Smartpen 2: Real ink. Real paper. Digitized.

Are you a ballpoint pen living in the digital world? We feel you. Equil brings your worlds together.

Funds Raised: $520,258 USD

0 Days Left
Furbo: World’s Best Treat-Tossing Dog Camera

All-in-one dog sitter that includes a camera, treat popper, barking alerts, night vision, and more!

Funds Raised: $510,791 USD

0 Days Left 3,978 Funders
Fusion Guitar: iPhone Integration, Amp & Speakers

World's first Smart Electric Guitar with Built-in Speakers, Amp, Recording, and iPhone integration.

Funds Raised: $491,328 USD

0 Days Left 1,351 Funders
Gladius Submersible Underwater Drone

The most affordable, easy to use underwater photography drone w 4k camera, 100m depth & 500m range.

Funds Raised: $490,203 USD

0 Days Left 583 Funders
Instamic: The Smart, Small, GoPro of Microphones

The smartest, smallest, and most affordable microphone and audio recorder that's easy to operate.

Funds Raised: $483,183 USD

0 Days Left 3,616 Funders
The ONE Smart Piano & Light Keyboard

A Smart Piano is the Fastest Way to Learn Your Favorite Pop Songs & Classical Pieces

Funds Raised: $463,985 USD

0 Days Left
Unlimited's Eon | World's 1st Electric Skateboard Powertrain

Convert any skateboard to an electric in seconds with an ultra-light, bolt-on power-train capable of 22 mph and a range of 15 miles.

Funds Raised: $462,003 USD

0 Days Left 604 Funders
ChargeTech: World’s Smallest Portable Power Outlet

Power up anything, anywhere, anytime! The first portable battery pack with an AC wall plug outlet.

Funds Raised: $444,150 USD

0 Days Left
Help Find the Lonely Whale with Adrian Grenier

Join Adrian Grenier, Josh Zeman & world renowned scientists to find the elusive '52 Hertz' whale and fight Ocean Noise Pollution.

Funds Raised: $405,937 USD

0 Days Left
Ultraloq - Fingerprint, Fob & Bluetooth Smart Lock

Smart lock that offers entry via biometric fingerprint identification, contactless key fob, or your Bluetooth smartphone

Funds Raised: $405,012 USD

0 Days Left 3,012 Funders
Batteriser: Extend Battery Life By Up to 8x

Batteriser is a micro-thin, stainless steel sleeve that extends your battery's life by up to 8x.

Funds Raised: $394,704 USD

0 Days Left
Coolbox: The world’s smartest toolbox

Coolbox brought the classic toolbox into the 21st century. Tools have changed, why not the toolbox?

Funds Raised: $370,497 USD

0 Days Left
EROVR – A Transformable Dolly, Wagon, & Cart

The EROVR transforms 10 different ways to carry whatever life throws at you.

Funds Raised: $331,459 USD

0 Days Left
Pavlok: A Personal Coach Wearable that Shocks You!

Pavlok doesn't just track what you do. It transforms who you are. You’ll wish you had started today.

Funds Raised: $283,542 USD

0 Days Left
BOUGHT: The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines & Big Pharma.

These story lines converge on Wall Street: Vaccines, GMOs, Big Pharma, Greed, Corruption & Lack of Conscience...

Funds Raised: $263,321 USD

0 Days Left 1,570 Funders
Eyecatcher: The Smart, Large-Display, Super-Charged Wearable

A smart bracelet that fuses art, fashion and technology by displaying custom images, slideshows, app-notifications and breaking news.

Funds Raised: $263,265 USD

0 Days Left
Fizzics: Make Your Favorite Beer Better!

It's Scientific! Elevate store bought beer into expert draft quality beer, the way the brewers intended it to taste.

Funds Raised: $234,541 USD

0 Days Left
Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story

The Jay DeMerit Story is a true story of a young American's journey to the 2010 World Cup - one never experienced in the soccer world.

Funds Raised: $223,422 USD

0 Days Left 1,937 Funders
Vinli: Turn Your Car Into A Smart, Connected Car

Instantly upgrade any car making it smarter, less expensive, more efficient, safer, and fun.

Funds Raised: $221,572 USD

0 Days Left
LANDFILL HARMONIC: Inspiring dreams one note at a time!

A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.

Funds Raised: $214,129 USD

0 Days Left 4,976 Funders
Line Dock- Thinnest and Smartest Laptop Power Bank

Massive Laptop Portable Battery with built-in SSD, Universal Hub, Active Cooling & Wireless Charging

Funds Raised: $213,028 USD

0 Days Left 1,054 Funders
ELF emmit: A Wearable for the Optimized Self

ELF emmit improves focus, sleep, stress, & more, combining ancient traditions and modern technology.

Funds Raised: $206,849 USD

0 Days Left 1,693 Funders
ROAV - World's Thinnest Folding Sunglasses

Vintage style & state of the art micro screwless hinges. The first truly pocketable folding shades.

Funds Raised: $198,934 USD

0 Days Left 1,754 Funders
Cubic: Your Personal AI with Personality

Control your devices, apps, and services from anywhere, by simply speaking to your digital friend

Funds Raised: $185,591 USD

0 Days Left 951 Funders
Olive : A Wearable to Manage Stress

A stylish, intelligent wearable band that helps you conquer stress.

Funds Raised: $181,848 USD

0 Days Left 1,447 Funders
EmoSPARK - First A.I. Home Console

"I am EmoSPARK. I am the first artificial intelligence console committed to your happiness."

Funds Raised: $178,090 USD

0 Days Left 791 Funders
ParaShoot: Smart Wearable Video Mini HD Camera

Capture life on the go. Connects to your phone. Wireless. Versatile. Customizable. Share instantly.

Funds Raised: $175,353 USD

0 Days Left 1,017 Funders
AiraWear - World's First Massage Hoodie

AiraWear relieves your muscles & pain points from hours of slouching, while helping to improve poor posture.

Funds Raised: $174,818 USD

0 Days Left 1,049 Funders
Friday Smart Lock: The Next Generation Lock

Friday infuses cutting-edge design, functionality and security in the world’s most advanced Smart Lock.

Funds Raised: $164,547 USD

0 Days Left
Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse - Scan to Edit or Read

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse allows you to scan anywhere even with your iPhone / iPad!

Funds Raised: $152,014 USD

0 Days Left 1,375 Funders
Curb: Power Your Life Smarter

Realtime Views Into Your Home's Power Usage Let You Take Immediate Action to Save Energy and Money.

Funds Raised: $149,889 USD

0 Days Left
LEO: Intelligent Fitness Wearable

LEO monitors your body's complex biosignals, translating them into simple, actionable advice.

Funds Raised: $143,709 USD

0 Days Left 605 Funders
Remidi: First Wearable Instrument to Record, Play & Perform

Sensors in fingers & palm trigger custom sounds while connected wrist-controller/hand gestures control effects with reverb, echo, etc.

Funds Raised: $137,325 USD

0 Days Left
Uno Noteband: Get Notified, Not Interrupted

A Fitness Tracker & Notifier powered by Spritz, a new speed reading technology to read 80% faster.

Funds Raised: $136,650 USD

0 Days Left
Gecko - Make your smart phone SMARTER

Gecko adds gesture control to your smart phone. With Gecko you can trigger, secure, remind, capture, track and locate.

Funds Raised: $135,410 USD

0 Days Left 3,730 Funders
Bright Switch: The next generation of wall tech.

Replace light switches with beautiful images and powerful touch-screen commands.

Funds Raised: $128,905 USD

0 Days Left 612 Funders
The Square - Egypt's Revolution Behind the Headlines.

Egypt's Revolution Behind the Headlines. Winner: 2013 Sundance Audience award, TIFF13 People's Choice award. Oscar Nominated for Best Docume

Funds Raised: $126,020 USD

0 Days Left 1,413 Funders
The Milky Way Breastfeeding Film: Every Mother has a Story.

The real power of breastfeeding and how that affects babies, starring Alanis Morsette, Minnie Driver & Carrie-Anne Mos

Funds Raised: $122,407 USD

0 Days Left 1,363 Funders
GoDJ PLUS : Revolutionary portable DJ device

Fits in your backpack, has a long-life battery, built-in speaker & internal memory. Music anywhere!

Funds Raised: $119,602 USD

0 Days Left 298 Funders
BIOTA: Smart, Easy & All-In-One Saltwater Aquarium

Anyone can create a healthy tank with 3-Step Setup, Internal Equipment & Expertly chosen Ecosystem.

Funds Raised: $117,457 USD

0 Days Left 463 Funders
ALYT: Talk to your home and have it listen.

ALYT allows for voice and video recognition to control virtually any aspect of a home and get real-time feedback.

Funds Raised: $114,186 USD

0 Days Left 570 Funders
Oliso SmartHub: Precise Induction Sous Vide Cooktop

A sous vide solution that’s so much more. The Oliso SmartHub™ talks to its pot, opening up a world of precision cooking techniques.

Funds Raised: $112,946 USD

0 Days Left 373 Funders
Branto: Full Remote Presence & Security Device

It provides 360° vision, free communication, security and control of home devices

Funds Raised: $110,829 USD

0 Days Left 411 Funders
CellRobot | Advanced Modular Robotics Kit

Create custom and modular robots capable of anything that are designed & controlled directly from your smartphone

Funds Raised: $109,127 USD

0 Days Left 196 Funders
Conduit Sports - World's First In/Off-Ear Headphones

In-Ear and Off-Ear™ technologies, allowing users to either block out the world and hear only the music, or to hear everything around them.

Funds Raised: $106,213 USD

0 Days Left 1,052 Funders
Digitsole Smartshoe | The World's First Intelligent Sneaker

Hardware and software technologies are engineered directly into the shoe itself, creating an interactive smartshoe.

Funds Raised: $103,313 USD

0 Days Left 451 Funders
SolarGaps — Smart Solar Blinds

The obvious solution for those who can't (renters) or don't want to install rooftop solar panels to reduce their monthly power bill.

Funds Raised: $102,354 USD

0 Days Left 331 Funders
Jelly Skateboards & BLOCK Risers

World's First Recyclable, Bullet Resistant Skateboard with GoPro Risers and Secret Stash Drawer.

Funds Raised: $102,319 USD

0 Days Left 872 Funders
Omnos Soundbar: 3D Audio for Home Theaters

State-of-the-art audio technology that utilizes 7 speaker units to create 3D lifelike theater sound from the comfort of your home.

Funds Raised: $101,607 USD

0 Days Left 216 Funders
FOGO: Walkie-Talkie, GPS, Flashlight & Charger.

With a rugged walkie-talkie, flashlight, GPS, bluetooth, and USB backup battery, the Fogo is the Ultimate Adventure Gadget!

Funds Raised: $101,390 USD

0 Days Left 460 Funders
Sophisticated: Hollywood Story of Dorothy Arzner

DO YOU KNOW HOLLYWOOD? Did you know Dorothy Arzner revolutionized film? The true story of old Hollywood's unsung heroine.

Funds Raised: $100,641 USD

0 Days Left 456 Funders
BOUGHT: The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, & Big Pharma

Phase 2: These story lines converge on Wall Street: Vaccines, GMOs, Big Pharma, Greed & Corruption.

Funds Raised: $97,206 USD

0 Days Left 1,473 Funders
WaterO - The only 'SMART' reverse osmosis purifier

Enjoy the purity of WaterO's countertop reverse osmosis system without the hassle of installation.

Funds Raised: $95,897 USD

0 Days Left 471 Funders
VicoVR - Full-Motion Gaming in Virtual Reality

VicoVR is a Bluetooth accessory that provides Wireless Full Motion and Positional tracking to Android and iOS VR headsets.

Funds Raised: $87,973 USD

0 Days Left 383 Funders
Noocity Growbed - Turn Unused Urban Space GREEN!

Grow your own food in an unique Self-Watering Urban Gardening System!

Funds Raised: $85,200 USD

0 Days Left 465 Funders
And Two If By Sea - CJ & Damien Hobgood

Documentary that delves into the lives of CJ & Damien Hobgood, identical twins, and professional surfers.

Funds Raised: $84,720 USD

0 Days Left 328 Funders
The Twenty – A Surfrider Foundation Film

With your involvement & support, we can preserve the only 20 miles of coast that remains undeveloped in Southern California.

Funds Raised: $81,707 USD

0 Days Left 1,098 Funders
A-STAND: A Transformable Workstation for Devices

With A/STAND's ergonomic, portable, and transformable features you can work comfortably anywhere.

Funds Raised: $80,373 USD

0 Days Left 1,265 Funders
Silent Beacon: Alert loved ones in an emergency.

One press alerts, calls and tracks your loved ones instantly in an emergency situation.

Funds Raised: $76,896 USD

0 Days Left 856 Funders
Webee: The Real Smart Home

Webee is the first Smart Home that connects and controls your home appliances through one simple App, while providing personal suggestions c

Funds Raised: $73,373 USD

0 Days Left 434 Funders
VRDL360 Camera: Redefine Your VR Experience

The premier 360-degree VR camera to combine 7K photo, 3K video, live streaming, and instant sharing!

Funds Raised: $67,939 USD

0 Days Left 583 Funders
Kalish & Sons: World's Best Collection of Quality Essentials

World renowned artist Michael Kalish creates a lifestyle brand by remaking classic pieces every man should own and pass down.

Funds Raised: $66,788 USD

0 Days Left 229 Funders
Glassy Zone: Surfing, Fitness and Wave Tracker

Surf, fitness & sleep tracking wearable that improves your surfing, tracks breaks, & has UV alerts

Funds Raised: $66,442 USD

0 Days Left 614 Funders
iMoov | The Ultimate Ultraportable Device Stand

The world’s most versatile and ergonomic phone, tablet & laptop stand – use any device, anywhere.

Funds Raised: $64,926 USD

6 Days Left 716 Funders
Rockit Logs by USMNT Player & Product Designer, Jay DeMerit

Audiophile speakers handcrafted from recovered acoustic quality soft tone woods by former World Cup soccer star to help inspire kids.

Funds Raised: $64,513 USD

0 Days Left 252 Funders
Princeton Audio: Craftsmanship and Technology

Princeton Audio. Tonewoods make make the difference. Wireless, Stereo, Bluetooth. Sonic awesomeness

Funds Raised: $63,271 USD

0 Days Left 274 Funders
SMARTvr: Make Your Phone a Virtual Reality Viewer

The SMARTvr pocket viewer transforms any iOS or Android smartphone into a virtual reality viewer.

Funds Raised: $61,380 USD

0 Days Left 1,610 Funders
Pura Scents: Smart Air Freshener Meets Smart Nightlight

Customize the aroma of any space from a smartphone + a multi-colored smart nightlight that you control.

Funds Raised: $57,760 USD

0 Days Left 633 Funders
Momo - Your Home Security Assistant

Momo is the first robotic home assistant with artificial intelligence that adds security and safety to your home, all integrated into a styl

Funds Raised: $55,951 USD

0 Days Left 225 Funders
PROOF - The First Alcohol Tracking Wearable [SOLD OUT]

PROOF™ is a sleek wearable that uses disposable cartridges to track BAC levels through your skin.

Funds Raised: $53,647 USD

0 Days Left 648 Funders
Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket

This blanket increases blood flow, aids recovery & enhances rest through unique Celliant® fiber technology & eco-friendly materials.

Funds Raised: $53,372 USD

21 Days Left 382 Funders
DreamTown Movie - Soccer in Ecuador

Story of Afro-Ecuadorian World Cup players, after finding international success,are coming back to their small valley to give back.

Funds Raised: $40,851 USD

0 Days Left 415 Funders

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