Maintain funding momentum with post-Kickstarter success.

After your campaign is critical to future success, but chaotic with crowdfunding backer surveys, manufacturing, fulfillment & pre-orders.

The 90 days after crowdfunding success is why you launched your campaign anyway, right? It should be.

All of the work and sacrifices made to bring your tech idea to a reality, from creating a prototype, assembling a team, creating promotional assets assets, to launching on Indiegogo or Kickstarter, to sourcing manufacturing, etc. have now almost paid off.

If you thought your live Kickstarter or Indiegogo marketing campaign was hectic, life after crowdfunding involves far more choices that are more complex than backer rewards, perk pricing, reward quantity, funding duration and which platform to use.

Even our most successful projects struggle with a retail strategy of what is next in a post-crowdfunding marketplace, but Agency 2.0 and it's partners are here to help.

There are two types of post-crowdfunding tasks:

Campaigners Should Hire Expert

Saves time, money & increases chances of success.

These tasks entail website online ecommerce development, preorder marketing, retail placement, product packaging, backers fulfillment, etc.

Campaigner & Team Can Only Do

Ensures product quality, feel and brand identity.

The task entail product quality control, manufacturing oversight, technical specs, campaign updates, backer messaging, questions from backers, etc.

Preorders, Retail
& Ecommerce

Solutions for life after Kickstarter & Indiegogo.

Agency 2.0 believes post-Kickstarter success entails continued funding.

The ultimate goal of all of you hardwork over the past months and years comes down to your actions during a chaotic, yet highly critical phase in life after crowdfunding.

We believe that post-Kickstarter marketing is where successful campaigns will expedite fulfillment to backers, lower there cost per conversion with the use of other platforms and ultimately lock in future retails deals that will be the ultimate success barometer, as you've reach the final stages of Kickstarter Success Strategy Process.

200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Process

Post-Kickstarter funding is just a part of Agency 2.0's overall crowdfunding success strategy.

A post-Kickstarter preorder website is a must.

Post-Crowdfunding Pre-Order Marketplace

However, creating a marketing strategy for InDemand pre-orders is more complex than your initial crowdfunding campaign.

Continued fundraising is critical, even after a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, as the funds will go quicker than expected.

You are now in between your Kickstarter and Indiegogo funding where you have more lenience and post-crowdfunding backer fulfillment where you'll have more questions, delivery speculation and in almost all instance, less funds coming in.

At Agency 2.0, we understand the complexities of post-campaign funding statistics with the current offerings available and created a pre-order funding solution for life after Kickstarter. Preorder Marketplace

With, you've graduated from the reliance on crowdfunding and are ready for the retail and distrobution world. Preorder Marketplace
Eliminate the


Fees for InDemand

Pay only the


Stripe processing cost

Successful Campaigns


on is a pre-order marketplace with an online store that'll eliminate the woes of crowdfunding platforms.

A few key features of the marketplace include eliminating the 5%-8% fees charged by Kickstarter or Indiegogo
and a preorder landing page branded to you, not the platform.

 Learn more and inquire about theComingSoon Marketplace

An eCommerce store is different than a pre-order.

Custom Online eCommerce Store

Your website, your URL and your credit card processing, allowing you to take control and increase your margins.

Successfully graduate from the reliance on crowdfunding websites with high fees by working with Agency 2.0 to build your online store to fulfill orders as they come in.

This is no longer preordering, your own online store on your website allows you to process orders then fulfill within a given timeframe and is your first step towards creating a sustainable brand.

With an online store created by Agency 2.0, your shopping cart will be on your website and customized to your brand, with your own analytics. With the transition to your own website, the potential for future retail partnerships will grow as your product is no longer subject to the perception of crowdfunding, you've reached the big leagues.

eCommerce Websites by Agency 2.0

With an Agency 2.0 online ecommerce store you'll have an amazing looking site that looks great, but more importantly, optimized for conversions on any device.

eCommerce Websites by Agency 2.0
Max Dev Time


Needed to create

Successful Sites


Launched by Agency 2.0

eCommerce Revenue


And counting

Agency 2.0's web development team works with you to create a stunning online store on your domain.

You'll easily be able to manage product inventory,sales reports, tracking orders,
getting paid, promoting sales, managing shipping, taxes and more.

 Learn more and inquire about theComingSoon Marketplace

A big box store retail deal is a crowdfunder's dream scenario.

Retail & Distribution Partnerships.

Agency 2.0 works with the best in the business to bring your gadget, product or film to market.

In life after Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we focus on providing immediate access to the North American retail marketplace, acting as a strategic partner, providing the critical connection between global manufacturers and retailers..

Along with our partners, we have the expertise to devise post-crowdfunding strategies, implement the plan to align our clients with the retail market and bring them success in retail.

In a rapidly changing market, there's no substitute for experience. We have insights into the channel, retailers and consumers that no one else has and apply that knowledge to uncovering the essence of each business situation.

We realize there is no single formula for success. Every retailer, every product and every manufacturer requires their own strategy. By developing an individualized plan to bring manufacturers to market, we provide creative concept to engage retail consumers.

Retail & Distribution Partnerships

With an Agency 2.0 online ecommerce store you'll have an amazing looking site that looks great, but more importantly, optimized for conversions on any device.

Retail & Platforms Partners


Working with Agency 2.0

Investment for 4 Clients


On Shark Tank

Average Client Sales


Per month in retail

Agency 2.0's understands where it's expertise is, where it's not and partner only with the best.

With access to our trusted service retail specialist, we'll get you
ready for life in a post-Kickstarter & Indiegogo retail world.

 Learn more and inquire about theComingSoon Marketplace

Public Relations PR

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

A ton of consultants offer "Crowdfunding PR Services" for Kickstarter and Indiegogo that are a rip off, learn a different approach.

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Kickstarter Advertising

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Advertising can exponentially amplify your funding results but is not as straightforward as it may appear for crowdfunding.

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eCommerce & Retail

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding success can open up profitable retail distribution, venture capital and e-commerce opportunities.

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Video Production

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarter videos can help you write less or something that's not watched, costing a lot of money and time in production.

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Backer Demographics

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigners typically generalize who their crowdfunding backers are, but it's more complex.

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Landing Page Design

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Website page design is critical to marketing, conversions and performance but even more critical in crowdfunding landing pages.

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Rewards & Copywriting

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

The words you write in marketing copy is of paramount importance as it triggers a domino effect across your Kickstarter campaign.

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Business Legal Setup

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

You reached the $1MM+ crowdfunding milestone, there's no legal responsibility if your start-up business isn't set up properly.

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