Crowdfunding page design that's done well is like clear-thinking made visual.

For the next 45-90 days, treat your prelaunch signup website, Kickstarter or Indiegogo crowdfunding page as your primary website.

Agency 2.0 prides itself in UX (user experience), web development and design layout that simplify the call to action as it transitions through your crowdfunding campaign.

Our infrastructure is engineered for Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns and optimized by experts who understand crowdfunding marketing. 

Throughout our 200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy you campaign will be taken on a journey of transition, continually graduating to the next step with tips and advice to make the most of each funding phase.

Agency 2.0 clients have the luxury of in-house graphic designers, website designers and UX experts that will transition your product through 3 core page design areas to maximize your funding potential. 

Transitions throughout each of the marketing phases require minimal client effort but implement invaluable knowledge and data gained from each.

Kickstarter Page Design
& Copywriting

Beyond critical to conversions and funding amount.

First impressions are critical and determine press, pledges & shares.

The best crowdfunding gadget on earth will not get backed, let alone shared if your Kickstarter page doesn't look good.

A lot goes into creating and designing a Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding page, yet alone marketing it. There is a direct correlation between digital assets and funds raised.

Since 2010, we've designed nearly 300 crowdfunding campaigns from beginning to end, from testing copywriting and images, to layout of pages, to use of imagery, animations and/or videos with one clear conclusion: a first impression of layout and design matter if they'll pledge or share your campaign.

On the surface an Agency 2.0 Kickstarter or Indiegogo landing page looks simplistic, as it should; however, there are numerous factors that going into crowdfudning page design from a marketing and pledging standpoint, something only an experienced expert knows after continual optimization of layout, copy and design.

Prelaunch and/or or live crowdfunding landing page has been tested, then optimized many times over through the years in order to increase the overall conversion rate of email signups and pledges, then instill the confidence for advocacy of backers and visitors to share.

In short, a great first impression is expected and makes your page visitors care because they know you care, whether they notice it or not.

Agency 2.0's crowdfunding Prelaunch & Kickstarter campaign Landing Pages are Optimized for Conversions.

Analytics Built For ROI

Custom Coded Data & Analytics

We've gone the extra mile so you don't have to pay more for custom development work to get the data to increase your ROI.

Custom Built To Your Brand

Your Product, Your Page

Beautifully designed conversion friendly crowdfunding, prelaunch & preorder pages built to your brand, not a platforms.

Designed For Data Creation

Coded and Optimized for Data

ComingSoon-Tech webpages are planned for sophisticated segmentation of core data sets, lowering future conversion costs.

Agency 2.0 believes page design is essential for crowdfunding campaigns.

Other marketing aspects of your crowdfunding campaign directly impact your Kickstarter or Indiegogo prelaunch, campaign and preorder landing pages when determining optimal design.

We believe in synergy and a holistic approach to Kickstarter marketing, where landing page design plays an integral role in an overall crowdfunding marketing strategy with design being backer facing and your first impression.

200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Process

Kickstarter Landing Pages are just a part of Agency 2.0's overall crowdfunding success strategy.

Coming Soon— Technology & Gadgets Prelaunch Website.

Agency 2.0 created, designed and optimized for our clients as a means of pre-Kickstarter promotions and email signups.

See Some Examples

We invest our money into to nearly guarentee your crowdfunding success in the first days of launch.

No other Kickstarter or Indiegogo marketing agency has the prelaunch capabilities of Agency 2.0 nor likely will invest into their clients marketing success at this level.

No need to allocate unessary money into the creation, design and optimization of a new email signup website in advance of launch, Agency 2.0 has you covered with an expertly designed layout and more importantly, bar-none analytics to test and create your crowdfunding backer audiences in advance of launch.

With roughly $75,000 in infrustructure development cost, our prelaunch marketing website for Kickstarter and Indiegogo marketing campaigns are the benchmark of pre-crowdfunding marketing that transistions to post-campaign pre-order marketing landing pages.

Your name, your logo, your site forever... at no extra cost to you.

Kickstarter or Indiegogo website design expertise.

Simplistically outlining how your tech product works and it's best features is incredibly difficult on a minimalist crowdfunding platform page.

See Some Examples

Kickstarter and Indiegogo pages aren't websites, don't write and design them like one.

A factor most marketers overlook is crowdfunding platform-based design, as there are numerous tips, tricks and advice that is learned throughout time and even as the funding platforms change their websites.

We always ask ourselves this, at the end of crowdfunding landing page visit did your visitor do what we wanted them to? If not, why and how can we optimize your landing page to increase the conversion rate to our high standards?

When working with Agency 2.0 we take design, copy and layout serious, no matter if it's prelaunch marketing or live campaign advertising we are constantly evolving our strategy to give your project the edge over the other trending most-funded campaigns.

An expertly designed page and reward layout for crowdfunding landing pages are paramount to your funding success, better make it good.

Post-crowdfunding eCommerce pages can keep funding momentum.

Agency 2.0's InDemand preorder landing pages are designed to feel like your product, increase pre-order confidence and look professional for retailers and investors.

See Some Examples

Congratulations, you've successfully funded your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

But, are you ready for the post-Kickstarter world or will you continue to rely on a crowdfunding platform for marketing your product?

With an expertly designed pre-order website on, you can easily transition the design expertise from your prelaunch landing page after carefully optimizing it for what you've learned during your live Kickstarter or Indiegogo marketing campaign.

Coming Soon: Technology & Gadgets product marketplace will allow those who missed out on your funding campaign to pre-order at ease, all on a professionally designed page with your brands feel that is optimized with analytics to ensure your succeess, something that would cost thousands on it's own.

As an Agency 2.0 client, you'll benefit from the website development, marketing functionality and our investments into Coming Soon, hopefully ensuring your post-Kickstarter funding success.

Public Relations PR

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Kickstarter Advertising

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eCommerce & Retail

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Video Production

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Backer Demographics

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Landing Page Design

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Rewards & Copywriting

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Business Legal Setup

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

You reached the $1MM+ crowdfunding milestone, there's no legal responsibility if your start-up business isn't set up properly.

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