Agency 2.0 The Premier Crowdfunding Agency The #1 crowdfunding agency in history for 6+ years and counting.
$17,574,709 Raised in 2015 With numerous $1,000,000+ campaigns, our results speak for themselves.

From design, to copywriting, to pre-launch, to advertising, to public relations, to retail placement… Agency 2.0 offers the most comprehensive crowdfunding marketing strategy created, then optimized over hundreds of campaigns and millions of dollars raised for our clients.

Tech: Sondors e-Bike #1 Most Funded Indiegogo Campaign. Through Agency 2.0's proven Indiegogo crowdfunding strategy, Sondors e-Bike raised
$6,000,000+ Raised in 60 days

The Sondors eBike campaign started with no digital assets. In advance of crowdfunding, Agency 2.0 designed logos, created consumer facing product copy and more, which ultimately led to creating, strategizing and managing the #8 most funded campaign of all-time.

Tech: Micro Drone 3.0 #1 Most Funded Drone In History. Through Agency 2.0's proven crowdfunding marketing strategies, Extreme Fliers raised
$3,100,000+ Raised in 60 days

Agency 2.0 was responsible for building the all aspects of the marketing campaign, from product rebranding, to copywriting and created, then managed the entire hardware launch from beginning to end.

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Jay Demerit

At first I thought our goal was unattainable, I am truly humbled by
the overwhelming support our Kickstarter campaign had thanks to
Chris and his team.

Jay Demerit World Cup Soccer Player
Venus Williams

We are extremely excited about our campaign and working with
Chris and his team to get people fit, healthy and having a bit of fun.   

Venus Williams Professional Tennis Player
William Shatner

It was a well received campaign by all,
we couldn't have asked for anything more.

William Shatner Actor
We Are Agency | 2.0
You only have one chance.

There are a lot of fly by night "crowdfunding consultants" out there.
Do Not Settle for Anything Less Than the Best.

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Agency | 2.0 was founded in 2009, focusing 100% on crowdfunding marketing and has delivered some of the top crowdfunding campaigns to date.

Agency | 2.0 strives to provide creatives and entrepreneurs with the resources needed to successfully crowdfund & grow their creative or entrepreneurial projects in the digital age, while retaining 100% ownership.

A Bespoke Crowdfunding Strategy Overview:

Your crowdfunding campaign is only as good as its foundations, including planning, tracking, and the ability to leverage interconnectability on multiple platforms.

Innovative digital media setup enables a domino effect later in your crowdfunding campaign.

Your success is our success: sit back and enjoy the ride

At Agency | 2.0, we let you focus on what you do best.
Then we take your best and share it with the world.

  • We have "skin in the game" of your success,
    so we are heavily invested in your project.
    Your campaign's success is our best interest.

  • When working us, we are no longer Agency | 2.0.
    We’re on your team, turning your dreams into a reality.

  • Our crowdfunding strategy has been perfected over 5 years in the industry. We know how to tailor your campaigns in terms of branding, copywriting, and sophistication.

  • Our track record is bar none. If you’re going to take a risk, make it foolproof.

  • Statistically, the odds of crowdfunding are not in your favor. But while the numbers are traditionally low, there are life changing exceptions.

Agency | 2.0 holds the premier record of performance.
You only have 1 chance. Make it your best.
THE best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago The second best time is now.
  • $6,000,000+ Raised in 2014
  • 1257% average project
    funding percent
  • 98.6% funding sucess rate
  • # 1 referrer of funds
    raised on indiegogo
  • 462,000+ "shares" on facebook
  • 1st celebrity crowdfunding campaign ever
  • 2010 First crowdfunding campaign
  • # 1 most funded project ever
    on Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • First crowdfunding agency
    in history
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