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funded for 40 campaigns in 2015.

Founded in 2010, Agency 2.0 was the first specializing in Kickstarter Marketing. Our 200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy is built on 7+ years of Crowdfunding experience, something others do not have.
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Entrepreneur Magazine Crowdfunding Agency 2.0 Review

Agency 2.0 began crowdfunding in 2010, average funding increased from $168,000 in 2010, to $850,000 in 2015 for 250+ campaigns.

Entrepreneur Magazine Agency 2.0 Review
Crowdfund Insider Crowdfunding Agency 2.0 Review

Agency 2.0 has managed multiple high profile crowdfunding campaigns, delivering an enviable track record of success.

Crowdfund Insider Agency 2.0 Review
Yahoo Tech Crowdfunding Agency 2.0 Review

Agency 2.0 specializes in crowdfunding and has had a lot of success, Chris Olenik has been part of crowdfunding since the start.

Yahoo! Tech Agency 2.0 Review

Agency 2.0 best crowdfunding marketing agency

Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaign Marketing Experts​

Don't settle for second best.

With the increase in funding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo comes an increase in new "Crowdfunding Consultants" & "Crowdfunding Experts" marketing their services with little or no experience.

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Agency 2.0 has specialized in Crowdfunding Marketing and PR since it was founded in 2010, creating, designing and optimizing the most $1,000,000+ Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaigns of any agency in history.

With over 250+ campaigns created, Agency 2.0's consistency of results and track record boil down to experience and our 200+ step proprietary crowdfunding marketing strategy that has been developed, optimized and expanded over the course of nearly a decade.

Agency 2.0's Crowdfunding Strategy Overview:

Pre-Launch Crowdfunding Asset ​Setup

The Key to a wildly Successful Indiegogo or Kickstarter Marketing Campaign is in the foundation, before launch.

​These are the back-end codes, the micro account setup elements that will never be noticed and the items most people do not consider or know. Only an experienced crowdfunding expert has the insight to know these elements, how they should be setup and why they're critical to success.

Agency 2.0's philosophy is simple: Your crowdfunding success is our success.

With Agency 2.0 you'll receive the guidance, strategy and expertise you'd expect, along with hard deliverables assets that your tech startup can keep and use forever.

  • No Smoke And Mirrors - Our reporting is simple; how much money did you give us versus how much money we returned to you? No useless stats or figures to disguise a poor performance, just the bottom line.

  • 200+ Step Crowdfunding Process - Your full-time campaign manager will guide your campaign from graphic design to copy-writing, analytics to back-end coding, pre-launch to advertising, and PR to retail.

  • Confidence To Share The Risk - Other agencies sell obsolete press releases, spam old client backers or take credit for campaigns they jumped in halfway through. We're different, we have the confidence to build out a complex infrastructure for your success.

  • Deliverables Assets - Fully-Managed Campaigns receive assets valued in excess of $30,000+, at no extra charge. Custom pre-launch and e-commerce landing page, data collection and segmentation API's, pre-launch and live amplification systems & more...

  • Dedication To Innovation - Continual innovation and a track record to prove it, using our proprietary systems offering cutting-edge eCommerce processes, sophisticated API's, complex automation & more. We're user experience and coding geeks at heart...

Agency 2.0 turns a gamble on Kickstarter success into a sure thing.
You only have 1 chance. Make it your best.


Crowdfunding Stats Agency 2.0's History of Success at a Glance.

We look forward to the opportunity of adding your upcoming Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign to our portfolio of crowdfunding successes.

  • $17,574,709+ Crowdfunded on Kickstarter & Indiegogo in 2015
  • $439,367 average campaign in 2015
  • Forty campaigns launched in 2015
  • 100% Fully-Managed Success Rate in 2015
  • $6,051,571 Largest 60 Day Crowdfunding Campaign in 2015
  • Number 1 all-time referrer of funds on Indiegogo
  • 2010 First crowdfunding campaign
  • Nine $1,000,000+ Most-Funded Campaigns
  • First crowdfunding agency
    in history

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