Agency 2.0 Leadership & Executive Team.

Composed of the leading crowdfunding marketing experts in the industry with a rich history of successes.

Jonathan and Stephen are leading Agency 2.0 and its clients into the future of crowdfunding, focusing on the investment and development of innovative crowdfunding tools, continual optimization of our 200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy and new partnerships to expedite manufacturing, reduce retail cost & more.

Learn more about the experts on each of our four teams at Agency 2.0.

Business Relations, Campaign Management, Marketing & Design...

Meet the team, in order of who you are likely to interact with first as you go through
the Agency 2.0 process.

New Business & Client Relations.

Each Agency 2.0 inquiry is met by our knowledgeable team that introduces our process and timeline as well as administers all client related items. They'll then further work with you and our trusted service partners further in the process.

The Buck Stops Here

We're happy to work with potential clients of Agency 2.0 on everything including introductory calls, drafting proposals, contractual agreements, financial account setups, funding wire transfers and trusted service partner arrangements.

They'll be the first people you'll speak with when inquiring about Agency 2.0 and then the last when we provide our client campaign close-out packages.

Crowdfunding Campaign Managers.

Each Agency 2.0 client works with a dedicated campaign manager to implement our 200+ Step Crowdfunding Strategy. They're your day-to-day contact, coordinating deadlines and implementing 4 major milestones: account setup, asset collection, prelaunch marketing and crowdfunding live.

Generals In the Campaign War Room

Our team will guide you and your team throughout the five phases of the Agency 2.0 200+ step process within our project management system.

Your campaign managers implement account setups, collect digital assets, create marketing timelines, maintain launch deadlines, coordinate Kickstarter or Indiegogo newsletters, work with crowdfunding platform partners and create campaign updates.

Online Advertising & Marketing Specialist.

Each Agency 2.0 client has an expert full-time advertising team working with your Campaign Manager to create conversion pixels, setup up account analytics, create multi-platform campaigns, optimize custom backer data sets, monitor budgets, create weekly marketing reports & much more.

Big Data & Analytics Junkies

Agency 2.0's advertising team is what gets the word out about your campaign, optimizing the results and finely tuning its data in real-time to make the crowdfunding magic happen.

Each of our team members has a specialist role, focusing only on their given areas of expertise so our clients know their attention is never off of what matters: budgets, results, data analytics & funding.

Creative, Graphic Design & Web Dev.

Each Agency 2.0 client works with one of our dedicated graphic designers to maintain brand identity across many digital mediums. The creative team works with your team to create and maintain brand identity and all associated assests for the duration of your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

Pixel Artisans & Coding Engineers

Our in-house creative and graphic design team works with our clients to create everything from prelaunch landing pages, online digital advertisements, email marketing messages, crowdfunding campaign updates, crowdfunding pages & much more.

Each of designers are also artist with varying specialties allowing Agency 2.0 to assign your project a dedicated designer based on which of their styles and skill-sets best fit your unique campaign.

Agency 2.0's Trusted Service Partners.

Each of Agency 2.0's clients has access to our extensive list of trusted and approved service specialists that offer complimentary Kickstarter & Indiegogo services. We've done the vetting so you don't have to.

Hand-Selected Industry Experts

Agency 2.0 understands where it's expertise lies and only partners with the best.

Whether it's video production, retail and distribution, manufacturing and tooling, public relations, web development or crowdfunding legal, we've aligned ourselves with organizations we're proud to introduce you to.


Industry Leading Tech PR Partnerships


Industry Leading Lifestyle PR Partnership


Video Production Partnerships


Product & Lifestyle Photography Partnerships


Manufacturing & Tooling Partnership


Retail & Distribution Partnerships


Reward Fullfillment Partnership


Crowdfunding Platform Partnerships


Crowdfunding Law Firm Partnership


Website Development Partnership

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