Advertising can exponentially amplify your funding results.

However it's complex and differs in marketing strategy pending your choice of Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Advertising is a micro component of a much larger crowdfunding marketing strategy.

By simply focusing on Facebook and/or Google Adwords, you're missing out on 95% of what makes for a wildly successful and most-funded product launch.

Only an experienced crowdfunding marketing expert understands the complexities, causes and effects of the impact of the advertisement placements used, the messaging created and how their ads compliment the macro crowdfunding marketing strategy.

The marriage of crowdfunding, social media and advertising requires a delicate balance, with each medium having its own unique strategies, tips and tricks that most new 'experts' do not understand.

Kickstarter Marketing
& Advertising

Different from traditional eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Kickstarter Your Product does not Exist Yet

Kickstarter is not cut and dry, your product doesn't exist quite yet.

This is not Google, Apple or DJI launching their next big product, there are inherent backer risk that first needs to be overcome in order for any advertisement to convert and that comes from a holistic crowdfunding strategy.

Unfortunately, campaigners before you have given potential crowdfunding backers reasons to second guess and be skeptical, particuarly on Indiegogo.

There are many other factors that further complicate crowdfunding advertising results, such as perk pricing discount, backer fulfillment date, prototype quality, confidence in tech specs stated, product shot quality, crowdfunding platform, and much, much more.

With crowdfunding, nothing is certain and it is certainly not Amazon Prime where you buy today, get shipped tomorrow. In order to be successful in crowdfunding advertising, we must take in to account many other aspects and implement strategy.

Agency 2.0's Advertising Strategy for Kickstarter & Indiegogo campaigns is Complex and Results driven.

No Smoke & Mirrors in Results

Simple, Transparent Reporting

No useless stats to disguise a poor ad results, just the bottom line. How much did we spend and what is the direct conversion value?

Holistic Crowdfunding Strategy

Ads Amplify, Not One-Off Service

Bad ads with the best supporting aspects in a strategy are greater than the best ads, with bad supporting aspects, sold as a single service.

Designed To Be Data Driven

Data Lowers Conversion Cost

By taking a macro approach to advertising, you can cut cost by implementing a data creation system that takes time to set up and optimize.

Agency 2.0 believes ROI driven advertising is more than just an advert.

Other aspects of your crowdfunding campaign play a direct role in marketing performance and advertising conversion rates on Kickstarter or Indiegogo and is short-sighted to disregard.

We believe in synergy and a holistic approach to crowdfunding, with Advertising being an accelerator not a one-off marketing service being solicited by so many. As you'll see below, Advertising is just a micro part of Agency 2.0's overall macro approach to crowdfunding marketing.

200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Process

Kickstarter Advertising is just a part of Agency 2.0's overall crowdfunding success strategy.

High volume, low touch ad agencies are impacting advertising.

With the astronomical rise in crowdfunding revenue you need experience, not at few low quality ads.

2010 Crowdfunding Statistics

$880 Million

Indiegogo & Kickstarter Stats

2013 Crowdfunding Statistics

1 Billion

Indiegogo & Kickstarter Stats

2015 Crowdfunding Statistics

$30 Billion

Indiegogo & Kickstarter Stats

These new crowdfunding marketing consultants aren't just soliciting you, they're now flooding computer screens of potential backers.

Competitor Clickbait Advertising

An overall macro strategy is more critical than ever.

Low quality, high frequency click-bait style ads with little segmentation sophistication is unknowingly increasing bid prices and overwhelming potential backers.

Mistakenly aligning with yourself with these style short term advertising technique will have long term brands effects, significantly reduce likelihood of crowdfunding platform promotion and likely result in higher than normal pledge refunds.

From experience of backing 200+ Kickstarter campaigns that are moderately successful initially, it is blatantly obvious when the campaigner hires a low quality advertising marketing agency.

These newly launched adverts are not sophisticated in delivery methods and overwhelming in frequency, likely to the dismay of the backers you previously had before the new bombardment of irrelevant messaging.

With a well planned crowdfunding marketing strategy, you have the ability to earn the advocacy of you backers not deliver advertisements with a short-sighted, "it's all a numbers game" style approach that could tarnish your brand.

A holistic approach to Kickstarter will strengthen your ads & brand image.

Many other factors play a part in a successful crowdfunding advertisement, by optimizing the related aspects to your campaign, your ads will likely cost less and improve in performance.

Have a look at a few examples of what's related to ad performance.

Audience Identification
Backer / Non-Backer Advocacy
Backer Communication Strategy
Crowdfunding Page Copy
Landing Page Design
Account Set Up & Optimization
Visual Assets
Campaign Copywriting

Quality advertising results are more than just conversions.

As an early adopter of Kickstarter in 2009, we're experts at crowdfunding marketing and create strategies, not just ads.

In the early days of crowdfunding, we launched & marketed products with zero ads, relying solely on strategy.

With years of experience in promoting Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, we rely heavily crowdfunding backer demographics and on micro-targeting of advertisements with little budget.

In turn, this would ultimately direct our macro funding strategy, all the while optimizing other areas with invaluable information, making your original adverts work even better and extending that small budgets.

Being data driven, we've noted interesting trends over the years, particuarly inverse relationships of Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversions, increased ROI with time consuming segmentaions and crackdowns on abusive practices while organically promoting quality.

Advertising and crowdfunding are complimentary to each other if done correctly, focusing not just on individual advert statistics but a deeper understanding of cause and effect with the overall strategy.

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