Marketing words are important, their length & precision even more so.

Copywriting for a Kickstarter or Indiegogo marketing campaign and the expertise with which it's written affects more than you think.

Your choice and organization of written marketing copy effects everything from: PR, advertisements, crowdfunding page, rewards, backer updates and much more.

At Agency 2.0, we believe in the power of simplicity and zero in on the most important features of the product you are crowdfunding based uniquely on the audience we're targeting, as it creates a framework for the entire branding and marketing strategy going forward.

To further complicate, Agency 2.0 creates your product copy based on a multi-level approached based on device viewed, advertisement delivered and with the same potential backer being marketed a different piece of material each time, based on their unique feature interest in your product.

Unlike most other Kickstarter advertising agencies, we pride ourselves in expertly written marketing copy that is layered, not a one-time advert or piece of information that is one size fits'll thank us later.

Kickstarter Page Layout
& Copywriting

Complete when you cannot remove another word.

Our marketing approach is simple: info overload.

However, we don't want to overload your Kickstarter or Indiegogo backers, we want you to overload Agency 2.0 with details about the product we're marketing.

Nowadays, there are a lot of average crowdfunding products out there and alot of gadgets that are not fully explained to show backers a level of confidence in the team behind it.

Go ahead and dig through some trending Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaigns that are popular, you'll note the comments section with questions about technical specifications and more. Many Kickstarter comments are honest questions regarding your product, some are trolls picking your product to pieces and others are simply trying to feel out the confidence level of the backers. 

The more we know, the more masterfully we can research the competitive marketplace, identify key crowdfunding competitors, and further develop a solid marketing game plan to ensure your success on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Successful copywriting is about defining the essentials of your campaign in an easy to digest, simplistic layout and in a visually relatable fashion that connects with potential backers.

Agency 2.0's crowdfunding Marketing Copy is written by experts for custom data & conversion targeting.

Holistic Crowdfunding Strategy

Ads Amplify, Not One-Off Service

Bad ads with the best supporting aspects in a strategy are greater than the best ads, with bad supporting aspects, sold as a single service.

Designed To Be Data Driven

Data Lowers Conversion Cost

By taking a macro approach to advertising, you can cut cost by implementing a data creation system that takes time to set up and optimize.

No Smoke & Mirrors in Results

Simple, Transparent Reporting

No useless stats to disguise a poor ad results, just the bottom line. How much did we spend and what is the direct conversion value?

Agency 2.0 believes copy-writing affects macro marketing strategies.

Written marketing, advertising, rewards and crowdfunding page copy effect the entirity of your Kickstarter campaign, creating a dominoe effect throughout the entire promotion strategy.

We believe in synergy and a holistic approach to Kickstarter marketing, with the the creation of written material for use in advertisements, page copy and product specifications being highly scrutinized, tested and optimized in order to increase funding conversion rates.

200+ Step Crowdfunding Marketing Process

Kickstarter marketing copy is just a part of Agency 2.0's overall crowdfunding success strategy.

Kickstarter marketing copy has many publishing outlets.

Think of your crowdfunding landing page as your senior thesis paper, it must be complete down to the details.

Tests & Copy Revisions


On Average Per Campaign

Copywriting Affects


Other Marketing Aspects

Crowdfunding Landing Pages


Written by Agency 2.0

Once we become experts on your Kickstarter or Indiegogo product, we can successfully build a branding message across many outlets, in unison.

A holistic approach to writing creates uniform Kickstarter marketing copy.

The information during Phase One of our Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy allows Agency 2.0 to create a knowledgeable, uniform and multi-layered promotions across Kickstarter, Indiegogo and beyond.

A few examples of other marketing aspects that's affected by copywriting:

Audience Identification
Backer / Non-Backer Advocacy
Backer Communication Strategy
Crowdfunding Page Copy
Landing Page Design
Campaign Copywriting

Kickstarter & Indiegogo Backer Reward Tips, Tricks & Advice.

Your crowdfunding rewards are where the money is at and arguably one of the most important marketing aspects of your campaign.

There's a direct correlation between funds raised, delivery time and pricing; your Kickstarter or Indiegogo marketing campaign will only be as good as it's rewards.

Agency 2.0 has created a lot of reward packages over the years and have inherrited some pretty bad ones too, some rewards will be with you forever, you better choose and write them wisely.

With limited options for on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo to present backer rewards, you'll have to masterfullly create a list while not overlwhelming your potential backers with options. By understanding the unique differences between both crowdfunding platforms, Agency 2.0 can create a perk list optimized to you given fundraising platform of choice.

With our crowdfunding rewards cost analysis caluculators, we can assess exactly what the true cost of your given perk is, while allocating perk marketing cost to encourage your backers to pledge and not give them to other agencies or funding platforms.

On it's surface, it looks easy...but it's much more complicated and you better create them correctly the first time, it's the most important key to success.

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