There are no shortcuts in crowdfunding.

To be a crowfunding marketing expert
you must have experience, bottom line. 

The only secrets, tips or advice in crowdfunding is to go the extra mile and attention to detail in every micro-marketing aspect.

Crowdfunding experience is only learned through creating marketing campaigns and launching Kickstarter projects.

Over the last 7 years and 250+ crowdfunding marketing campaigns created, this experience has lead us to focus on the micro services that compose the macro Kickstarter and Indiegogo marketing strategy.

Through this experience, you'll uncover synergies, correlations, causes and effects that each of your actions have upon other aspects of Kickstarter or Indiegogo marketing campaign.

If you're looking to save a buck, rush launch or cut corners, there are plenty of other agencies that would welcome your business...this is not Agency 2.0.

A Synergistic Kickstarter
Marketing Strategy.

We believe each individual service produces greater
effects working together than separately.

Learn about each of our micro-Crowdfunding Marketing Services and where it fits in our overall macro-Kickstarter promotions strategy to help you get funded today.

Public Relations PR

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

A ton of consultants offer "Crowdfunding PR Services" for Kickstarter and Indiegogo that are a rip off, learn a different approach.

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Kickstarter Advertising

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Advertising can exponentially amplify your funding results but is not as straightforward as it may appear for crowdfunding.

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eCommerce & Retail

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding success can open up profitable retail distribution, venture capital and e-commerce opportunities.

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Video Production

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarter videos can help you write less or something that's not watched, costing a lot of money and time in production.

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Backer Demographics

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigners typically generalize who their crowdfunding backers are, but it's more complex.

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Landing Page Design

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Website page design is critical to marketing, conversions and performance but even more critical in crowdfunding landing pages.

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Rewards & Copywriting

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

The words you write in marketing copy is of paramount importance as it triggers a domino effect across your Kickstarter campaign.

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Business Legal Setup

for Crowdfunding Campaigns

You reached the $1MM+ crowdfunding milestone, there's no legal responsibility if your start-up business isn't set up properly.

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Experts at creating synergy between the individual Kickstarter & Indiegogo marketing services.

Agency 2.0's macro campaign approach to fundraising is bar-none...but, the micro strategies for Kickstarter & Indiegogo marketing services is where our expert experience sets us apart.

At Agency 2.0 we pride ourselves in the little things and synergy, where the micro-campaign aspects increase the overall Kickstarter marketing conversion rate.

By optimizing each individual detail of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, then summing their net increase in effectiveness throughout our entire crowdfunding strategy, you'll see how we've maintained the status of the best crowdfunding marketing agency since our inception in 2010. Our strategy in regards to each of our micro marketing services lies in experience, attention to detail and going the extra mile to ensure your projects funding success.

If you're looking to save a buck, rush launch or cut corners there are plenty of other agencies that would welcome your business... this is not Agency 2.0.

Get funded today with Agency 2.0 — Let's chat.

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