Post-Crowdfunding Pre-Order Marketplace by Agency 2.0

With a Coming Soon: Tech & Gadgets pre-order ecommerce website, campaigners graduate from reliance on expensive crowdfunding platforms.

Crowdfunding Tech Product Marketplace

Agency 2.0 is proud to introduce our third phase in our crowdfunding marketing product launch cycle called "Shipping Soon" on Coming Soon with custom e-commerce pre-order websites.

Three phases of crowdfunding marketing on Coming Soon: Tech & Gadgets:

  • Coming Soon - Sign up now for the best deals before launch.
  • Now Live - Contribute now for great deals before campaign ends.
  • Shipping Soon - Pre-order now for good deals before they ship.

With the addition of the ComingSoon-Tech Post-Crowdfunding Marketplace, Agency 2.0 clients have a seamless solution to continue funding with lower platform fees, but on their own custom designed eCommerce pre-order website.



How the Coming Soon Post-Kickstarter Pre-Order Marketplace Works

After successfully crowdfunding on platforms like Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo, campaigners are typically in a lull period where their live campaign has ended but have yet to fulfill and deliver to their backers.

Previously successful crowdfunding campaigns only had a few options to continue taking pre-orders:

  • Web Development - Build out your own online store website with e-commerce functionality using tools such as Wix, SquareSpace, Wordpress, etc to accept new preorders.
  • Ecommerce Add-On - Upgrade your current website to integrate an online store using shopping cart software such as Shopify, Celery, BackerKit, etc to collect funds.
  • Indiegogo InDemand - Transitioning from live funding to Indiegogo's InDemand, which has an 8% platform fee for campaigns that are successful and coming from Kickstarter.

With a online pre-order store, we hope to alleviate the web development headache of creating your own online store and allow you to reinvest the high platform fees associated with Indiegogo InDemand. As a crowdfunding campaigner, you can focus on what's important - i.e. manufacturing and fulfillment - while still fundraising for your product.

InDemand Vs. Coming Soon Platform Fees

To see an example, check out UrbanX E-Bike Wheel.PREORDER MARKETPLACE EXAMPLE

Your products own eCommerce store in the ComingSoon PreOrder Marketplace is easy to set up, while allowing you to cut your fundraising cost and then reinvest your savings into your product, your company and your backers.

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Post-Crowdfunding Marketplace Fees, Analytics, Design, Reporting and More.

Check out an overview of how ComingSoon works and compares with other options to keep funding momentum after your initial success on Kickstarter or Indiegogo:



We charge our clients what it costs us while providing flexibility with funding disbursements:

  • Transaction Cost - Online sales transactions cost 2.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction with processing available through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon and more.
  • Setup/Maintenance Fee - No expense was spared in the ComingSoon pre-order platform development, security certificates, and conversion optimizing tools and we must charge a maximum platform fee of 3% to absorb these shared upkeep expenses.
  • Fund Disbursement - Transfers of all funds will be transferred on the 1st of each month with special requests accepted on a case by case basis.



Industry leading security, client reporting and customer invoices creates trust and transparency, not just an online order:

  • SSL Security - Customer trust, privacy and security is paramount. We sparred no expense in developing secure HTTPS connections to keep user data secure while implementing the world's leading SSL Security authority to certify transactions with a Comodo SSL Security Certificate.
  • Customer Invoices - Each customer online pre-order transaction triggers a full eCommerce order invoice that's sent from your company, your customer service email and with the option to include our live customer service messenger to ensure trust, transparency and ultimately ease in pre-order fulfillment down the line.
  • Client Reporting - Each week campaigners will receive detailed reporting to include revenue, order quantity, products sold, order ID, customer details, and much more, with a new client dashboard portal launching soon.



Built on data and analytics, ComingSoon pre-orders have more flexibility and accuracy in tracking and integrations:

  • Website Analytics - You are not just limited to the basic Facebook or Google, easily implement any number of advanced analytics and tracking services to your custom pre-order ecommerce store to monitor progress on your account, not ours.
  • Custom Pixels - Optimized for conversions and critical data creation, ComingSoon has advanced data collection capabilities allowing you to insert your custom pixels and tags to track everything from abandoned carts, shipping cost drop offs and more to analyze your entire product.
  • API Integrations - We strategically engineered a number of common APIs into our website platform so you can easily access, analyze, use and optimize your products marketing efforts through other 3rd party services you may already be using.



Be ready and show you've graduated by presenting your company and be ready for the opportunities associated with traditional e-commerce and retail:

  • Company Branding - Unlike the crowdfunding platforms that you are used to, on ComingSoon it's your logo, your brand and your online store so that you can increase consumer confidence in your product by graduating from the insecurity associated with crowdfunding products and platforms.
  • Personalized Domain - Get the best of both worlds by using your own custom domain allowing it to appear like your own hosted website for your product, all while using our back-end engineering and platform infrastructure.
  • Customization - With thousands of possible eCommerce website style layouts possible, you can easily create your own custom pre-order site or even better, we've done all the work for you with one of our tested, optimized and proven layouts to maximize your conversions and best present your product and company. 



Generate non-paid exposure to your product that you cannot on your own website, including stronger SEO, social media features and organic site traffic:

  • High Quality Fans - Unlike many other crowdfunding promotions available, we strive for quality over quantity. Check out an analysis of the ComingSoon-Tech fan-base to see how we put emphasis in doing it the right way for long term growth not short term gains by your crowdfunding marketing agency.
  • Organic Traffic -With the ComingSoon product marketplace you benefit from highly targeted organic traffic to your product through inclusion on the ComingSoon Homepage with roughly 170,394 average monthly views and in our "Shipping Now" curated marketplace section.
  • Facebook Features - Each pre-order client will benefit from two posts on our Facebook page with 200,000+ highly targeted followers that were organically earned and/or acquired via selective buyer profiled advertising, not purchased in bulk like most other similar fan pages. Check out the ComingSoon fan page engagement analytics or visit our Facebook Fan-page for Coming Soon: Technology & Gadgets.
  • Newsletter Inclusion - Each new pre-order client will have access for inclusion in the ComingSoon Weekly Featured Tech newsletter with 80,000+ double opt-in subscribers that are legally/morally acquired and expecting updates, unlike other agencies that simply upload your backer information and illegally spam.


How do I start a Post-Kickstarter Preorder Site for my Tech Product? 

It's easy to get started, simply shoot Jen and Jonathan an email by clicking below to send and provide the information outlined below:

Get more info on Coming Soon Pre-Order websites and get started today.CONTACT JEN & JONATHAN AT AGENCY 2.0

Helpful information for the Agency 2.0 team to get your ComingSoon Pre-Order Website up and running:

  1. Product Name or Campaign Name
  2. Kickstarter or Indiegogo URL
  3. Number of Products Selling & Cost
  4. Estimated Product Delivery Date

After that, we'll send you a detailed proposal with estimates on the turnaround.

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