A Strategic Crowdfunding Marketing & Manufacturing Partnership in China.

Agency 2.0 and Shanghai-based manufacturing company partner to provide critical manufacturing services to Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

The strategic crowdfunding marketing and manufacturing collaboration with a prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution company provides Agency 2.0's clientele with resources designed to lower production cost, reduce backer delivery time and increase quality of product prototyping, engineering, tooling and manufacturing at vetted Chinese factories.

With this new partnership, Agency 2.0 intends to innovate the current crowdfunding model from prototype, to funding, to manufacturing with an innovative new crowdfunding campaign timeline structure that leverages this new end-to-end approach to seamlessy transition products from concept to manufacturing during a live Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign.

Innovative Crowdfunding Manufacturing Timeline

Agency 2.0  aims to mutually benefit crowdfunding backers and creators by restoring the confidence in fulfillment with backers and providing campaign creators access to critical manufacturing resources to reputable factories.

  • Creator's Benefits - Reduce costs, remove guesswork, bridge language barriers and eliminate ripoffs overseas while providing critical access to reputable Chinese factories that produce high quality prototypes, accurate material quotes, and realistic engagement timelines to low production volume customers.
  • Backer's Benefits - Increase confidence with new delivery timelines derived from manufacturing milestones, reduce early reward pricing by paying forward lowered production costs to campaign, and shorten product's delivery time by initiating manufacturing during campaign.

In turn, this alliance will establish Agency 2.0's presence in Asia with the grand opening of its newest office in Shanghai, China. This will assist our partner's chinese clients with launching their products, while serving as home-base for Agency 2.0's clients for prototyping, manufacturing, and distributing products with Chinese factories.

Powered by four factories and 1,200 employees, our production partner compliments Agency 2.0's comprehensive crowdfunding marketing strategy with extensive product development services from world-class engineering teams, logistical distribution infrastructure, and angel investors.

To date, our China-based partners have manufactured 75+ crowdfunding products, distributed 180+ crowdfunded products, and shipped 1,800,000+ units. With this strategic partnership, innovators and startups have everything they need to take products from concept, to prototype, to successful funding, to mass-production, to early backer delivery, all in-house.


Agency 2.0 Crowdfunding

"The world-class team with deep relationships at trusted Chinese factories will ensure our clients success while enhancing backer confidence by eliminating the increasingly problematic timeline from funding to fulfillment" Christopher M. Olenik, Founder & CEO — Agency 2.0

Agency 2.0 Crowdfunding China

Agency 2.0 was the first specializing in crowdfunding, has a proven track record & the most $1,000,000+ campaigns of any agency. With a shared commitment to excellence and client service, they're the ideal partner" J.R., Manufacturing Partner — Shanghai, China

Agency 2.0 Crowdfunding

Integrating crowdfunding and manufacturing services will offer companies leveraging Kickstarter and Indiegogo one-stop, best-in-breed resource for every stage of product development, from funding to consumer delivery" Jonathan Chaupin, President & COO — Agency 2.0


In the coming weeks, we will begin to roll out our end-to-end crowdfunding service offerings with new clients, while also introducing a new approach to campaign transparency with updated manufacturing milestones on our client's Kickstarter and Indiegogo live campaign pages.