Thinking of Launching a Kickstarter Marketing Campaign on Your Own?

The crowdfunding workload is likely more than you expect, with time better spent on product development.

Contrary to popular belief, you'd surprised by how affordable it is to hire an expert to fully-manage your crowdfunding marketing campaign, as opposed to hiring one-off crowdfunding services that include: video production, product shots, advertising, Kickstarter/Indiegogo page designing, public relations, prototyping, manufacturing, fulfillment, etc.

A crowdfunding process that's been perfected over 7+ years...
A crowdfunding process that's been perfected over 7+ years...

Agency 2.0's systematic strategy to Kickstarter costs less, saves time, maximizes funding and creates brands.

Top 20 Reasons to Hire a Crowdfunding Expert before launching on Kickstarter:

As you'll soon realize, hiring an expert at a professional crowdfunding marketing agency will cost less, save time, raise more funds, essentially focusing on building a brand.

Save Money by Hiring a Crowdfunding Agency:

  • Reduced Fees - Startup fees, hourly expenses, markups and commission overlaps are either eliminated or drastically reduced by hiring one agency instead of a few.
  • No Cost Extras - Streamline setup and marketing with Coming Soon: Tech pre-launch, Facebook posts, newsletters, and more at zero charge.
  • Deliverables - Websites, landing pages, data targeting, API setup, account optimizations, copy-writing, and other content will be yours to keep indefinitely after your campaign ends.
  • Volume Discounts - Take advantage of pricing breakpoints on per unit pricings, voluem shipping costs, platform fees, etc by pooling individual resources in a group.
  • No Ripoffs - Avoid scams or short-sighted strategies influenced by monetary greed and "low cost, low touch" business models, common with short-term agencies.
  • Relationships - Vetted, reputable, third party vendors have discounted prices and produce better quality work due to an agency's volume of referrals.

Save Time by Hiring a Crowdfunding Manager:

  • Advertising - Graphic Designers and Facebook/Google Marketing Specialists create, manage and optimize large campaigns before, during, and after its launch.
  • Communications - Campaign Managers assist creators by addressing Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Facebook, Email, Backer and Press comments.
  • Management - Each client has a dedicated, full-time crowdfunding Campaign Manager working on daily/weekly/monthly tasks on your behalf.
  • Time Priority - Campaigners should focus on producing the best quality, lowest cost and quickest delivered product instead of routine crowdfunding tasks.
  • Customer Service - Large, hard to reach companies like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Facebook, and Google provide dedicated, personalized service to agencies.

Raise More Money by Hiring a Crowdfunding Expert:

  • Crowdfunding Data - Increase ROI and reduce costs using 7+ years of experience in crowdfunding audience targeting, backer demographics, data, analytics, and more.
  • Reduce Risk - Kickstarter's average is $24,839 funded, a 35% success rate compared with Agency 2.0's average of $397,152 with a 97% success.
  • Asset Audit - Checklist of 100+ images and video sizes, content type, duration, platform, and more so you only create what is needed and do not waste money on what is not.
  • Experience - Avoid rookie mistakes by leveraging crowdfunding tips, secrets, and advice with experts that've already launched numerous Kickstarter campaigns.
  • Optimization - Accurately track tricky conversions with a custom conversion processes that differs greatly from traditional e-commerce campaigns.

Create Long Term Strategies by Hiring a Crowdfunding Consultant:

  • Long-Term Strategy - Increased funding and quality come at lower costs with a holistic, prioritized approach focusing on causes and effects in a biggger picture.
  • Brand Building - Long term, all-encompassing agencies create holistic, macro strategies that build brands by unifying micro aspects into the macro approach.
  • Process - Don't guess the next plan of action. Follow an optimized, systematic strategy and process that is optimized over time for each of your campaign's phases.
  • Trends - Leverage the different audiences and trending products based on expert knowledge of what crowdfunding platform is best for each product type.

When you hire an expert that specializes in start-to-finish crowdfunding production, marketing and manufacturing services, you'll save money, increase quality, raise more funds, eliminate short-sighted vendors, avoid costly mistakes and ultimately build a long-term brand.



Kickstarter Requirements Pre-Launch, Live Campaign & Post-Funding

Crowdfunding campaigns are nearly impossible to "go it alone" due to the heavy setup workloads before launch, tedious but critical daily/weekly tasks, specialist skillsets for asset production, and the epertise required to maximize your funding ROI.

Work Required for Success on Kickstarter or Indiegogo:

  • Pre-Launch - Building a pre-launch email list, developing websites, producing crowdfunding explainer videos and product photos, setting up 20+ admin accounts, deciding Kickstarter versus Indiegogo, copy-editing, page designe, etc...
  • Daily Jobs - Posting to social media, answering Kickstarter/Indiegogo comments, managing email communications, optimizing crowdfunding advertisements, monitoring analytics, updating perk quantities, responding to backers, resolving customer service issues, etc...
  • Weekly Tasks - Posting updates to backers on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, optimizing your crowdfunding page for analytics, sending marketing emails, managing media inquiries, creating new advertising copy or imagery, reporting weekly results, calculating ROI on advertising, etc...
  • Monthly Duties - Compiling Indiegogo backer data, requesting crowdfunding platform promotions, producing product progression content, introducing crowdfunding stretch goals, managing early funds disbursements on Indiegogo, extending campaign duration, etc...
  • Post-Funding - Creating post-Kickstarter pre-order websites, transitioning to Indiegogo InDemand, sending backer surveys, posting manufacturing updates, compiling media feature lists, designing packaging, organizing fulfillment lists, sourcing retail opportunities, etc...

The list of prelaunch, live campaign, and post-campaign requirements is long and never-ending. A campaigner cannot and should not takcle these on their own. They need need help, and this help can come from friends, family, employees, or a professional marketing agency with experts that specialize in crowdfunding.

Agency 2.0 has created a different approach to Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns by creating a long-term strategy with an all-in-one, full-managed suite of crowdfunding services for production, creative, marketing, manufacturing, and retail to help cash-strapped entrepreneurs.


Christopher M. Olenik, Founder & CEO  —  Agency 2.0: The Premier Crowdfunding Agency